Redneck Baby Shower

Since our team plans gorgeous, jaw-dropping weddings all. the. time, sometimes it's fun when we get a chance to get a little bit... trashy. That's where my baby shower comes in! These lovely ladies threw me and Baby Flinn the best Redneck Baby Shower everrrrr. There was a trailer cake, beer in baby bottles, pork rinds and moon pies, cold Hormel chili straight from the can (with beans! fancy!), Virginia Slims, a rootin' tootin' root beer and bean dip bar, fancy cheese and crackers, Confederate flags, and so many other trashy-meets-fabulous details. 

Even with all the redneck details, it was actually pretty! These girls are far too talented to make anything truly ugly! They spoiled me, my husband Richard and our baby boy so much... I'm truly thankful to be a part of this fun, crazy, thoughtful, kind team of women! (And don't you worry, mama didn't partake in any of the beer-drinking, Virginia-Slim-smoking debauchery. No babies were harmed during the redneck activities of this baby shower. They didn't even let me ride the four wheeler!)

Lance from Shingleur Photography came to take a few photos for us, and he is really good at making trash look beautiful! You should probably add that to your resume, Lance. And I hope we didn't scare you too badly. ;)

Photographer: Shingleur Photography
Venue/Florals/Decor/Trashiness: The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch
Cake: theCakePlace

All redneck-ness aside, we got some really lovely gifts! Diapers, tiny baby clothes, tons of baby essentials, and a precious quilt made by Milissia, just to name a few! 

FYI, when you win a game at a redneck baby shower, you get a bottle of Caress... WITH a coupon, of course!

Our team (minus Victoria) at our classiest. (P.S. We missed you, Victoria!)

So that's what happens when you're lucky enough to have a baby shower planned by The Barn Team. I loved every trashy, redneck minute of it! xoxoxoxo

Things are going to be a little quiet around here for a week or two while I snuggle this new baby boy of mine! But I'll see you soon!