The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch is Now A Registered Trademark!

I know that sounds like the least interesting blog topic ever, but hear me out for a minute! This is actually a really big deal, and it's definitely a good thing for our Barn Couples!

Have you ever noticed that little ™ on our logo? Well, this past week, that was changed to an ®! What does that even mean?! Our trademark has officially been published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. And why exactly does that matter? It means that our intellectual property is ours. No one can use our contracts, processes, or anything else, because we designed it, and therefore we now own it. Thumbs up to that! 

Shingleur Photography , from  Cassie + Kyle 's wedding at The Barn

Shingleur Photography, from Cassie + Kyle's wedding at The Barn

Why should this matter to our couples? It means that we have put a ton of effort into protecting, copyrighting and trademarking our intellectual property, so other venues can't use what our team has put years into designing and perfecting. That's very important to us; it's part of the reason we keep all of our contracts and processes confidential. Every woman on our staff is a wedding professional who has been in the industry for years... these ladies really know their stuff, and they have all had plenty of time to perfect the way they do things! Many venues will try (or already have tried) to copy things we've done, from our processes and styles to our weddings and website. Not to toot our own horns or anything, but we are the original, and we own all of these things! This is a BIG deal for us!

Stephanie Parsley Photography , from  Amber + Matt 's wedding at The Barn

Stephanie Parsley Photography, from Amber + Matt's wedding at The Barn

This also leads me to another point: If you're not getting married at The Barn, please do your homework on your venue. Are they insured or protected if something goes wrong? This is extremely important. Are they charging your vendors to come onto their property and provide a service that you have already paid for? Are they giving you a credit toward an item for your wedding, but not covering the whole thing? (This means you'll end up paying more in the end for things!) If a venue sounds too inexpensive to be true or legit, it probably is. Do your homework on your venue, folks! The last thing you want to do is figure out on your wedding day that you should have booked with The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch instead!

Have a good weekend, y'all!