Wedding Inspiration: Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Last week, I wrote about five trends that I hope we see in 2016. One of the trends I mentioned was mismatched bridesmaids' dresses. While that is definitely not a new trend, I feel like each year brides get more and more creative with the dresses they let their girls wear, and I hope we keep seeing more unique, exciting dress combinations. There are so many ways to do this trend, ranging from more classic to totally unique, and I truly love them all. You can give your bridesmaids a specific color, length, fabric all within the same brand, and let them pick their own unique necklines (I did this, and I loved how it turned out). Or you could give them a color (or a more broad color family) and length, and let them find something that fits their personality (like in Monica's wedding). You could give them a color and overall style (like Samantha's bridesmaids, who all wore boho white/cream/ivory dresses). Pick one color, and let them choose a dress with or without a pattern (like Sarabeth's bridesmaids). You could find one of those brilliant infinity dresses and have each bridesmaid tie it a different way (Mackenzie's girls did this, and it was awesome!). Or if you're really brave, you could let your bridesmaids wear whatever they want... This could turn out really awesome, or kind of scary. We haven't seen this at The Barn yet, but I'd love to!

Here are bridesmaids who totally nailed the mismatched look!

Are you into this trend, or do you prefer more traditional bridesmaids' dresses that match? I'd love to hear!