10 Barn Weddings: Fall, Y'all!

Our super busy, completely insane fall wedding season has almost come to an end! This fall has been full of gorgeous, one-of-a-kind weddings, and we couldn't be happier with how they have all turned out. We've LOVED each of our fall 2016 couples and their unique visions for their weddings! It's been a little insane at times (hellooo, three weddings in three days!), but our team has been killing it day after day and creating some of the most beautiful masterpiece weddings ever! Let's take a look back at a few of our fall weddings from this season, as well as from years past! Y'all have a wonderful fall weekend... It is finally feeling like fall in Arkansas, and we're pretty pumped about it! xoxo

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Holly + Caleb were one of our fall 2016 couples, and their wine themed wedding was soooo pretty and full of unique details. We LOVED their florals, their hanging pallet drink display, their aisle (it was lined with verses from 1 Corinthians 13 painted on pieces of wood), and their amazing altar (hanging lanterns forever!). When Holly requested a wine theme, we knew it was gonna be good. ;) 

Jessica + Brett's wedding had a lot (like, A LOT) going on, and it was truly unforgettable. Their modern-meets-rustic-meets-glam theme and bright jewel tones were unlike anything we'd done before! Their flowers, geometric details, six favors (yup, SIX), and cake table were all insaaaaane. Oh, and that bridal gown?! Unreal. This one was good, y'all! Most detailed wedding ever. 

Once upon a time, two sweet lovebirds named Mandy + Matt traveled 3,030 miles from Alaska to get married at The Barn!!! Yes, you read that correctly. We sort of couldn't believe it either. Their rustic chic wedding, which took place just last month, was GORGEOUS and unique. There were fox tails, the prettiest Alaskan details, some really cool bouts, and so many other sweet details! We can't wait to share this one with y'all... it'll be on the blog soon, so keep watching! 

Samantha + Matt's navy and gold wedding was unique for many reasons. It was pineapple themed (yes, that's a thing, and yes, it was amazing!). They chose orange flowers and succulents for their florals, which was completely unexpected and AMAZING. Aaaand the bride pretty much planned her entire wedding around the gorgeous Badgley Mischka bridesmaids' dresses pictured above. These two were married inside The Barn on a gloomy fall day, but that didn't stop their wedding from being fabulous! 

Emaly + Thomas' bohemian wedding was full of gorgeous, unique details! Their ceremony was amazing, with red flower petals, logs and lit candles lining the aisle, and one of the most unique altars we've ever done! Emaly had such a lovely vision for her altar, including hanging bottles, Spanish moss, and gorgeous flowers, and it was incredible. We also LOVED her simple greenery crown and their reception tables. This one was extra pretty!

Jaime + Jake came to The Barn all the way from Hawaii for an intimate, romantic, rustic chic wedding. We loved their blue and burlap color palette, their glam head table backdrop, their adorable lemonade bar, Jaime's stunning dress, and their bacon jam favors! Okay, actually we loved everything about this wedding. It was perfect for fall! 

Every once in a while, it's nice to do a casual, laid back, simple wedding, which is exactly what Leah + Parker asked for! Their orange, yellow and chocolate brown color palette was made for fall, and their details were rustic and simple, yet elegant. We loved their pretty altar, which was extra romantic with the lanterns and candles! And their bright colored florals were pretty and fun! 

This next one is actually a styled shoot, not a wedding! Each fall, our team does a super creative, super details, AHHMAZING styled shoot. It's one of the highlights of our year! Last year's Legado shoot was probably my favorite of our fall shoots. There were floral necklaces and crazy garlands and amazing gowns and rich colored flowers and sparkly donuts and ahhhh, so much more! You have to check out ALL the details of this one! 

Maudie + Matt's recent wedding was full of PURPLE! Purple has been huge at The Barn this year, and we're not a bit mad about it! We'll be sharing this gorgeous wedding with you soon, so get ready to see lots of glam purple details and the most amazing getaway ever!

If this wedding looks familiar, it's because I just blogged it yesterday! Jordon + Nick asked for lots of wheat, with cranberry and burlap accents. It was rustic, it was unique, it was perfect for fall, and it was AMAZING. One of our most popular weddings ever, thanks to details like these gorgeous tables, a simple burlap altar, and amazing wheat bouquets! We're never gonna be over this one!