Thanksgiving Tablescapes

It’s officially one week until Thanksgiving, and if you aren’t yet sure how you want to decorate your dinner table, we have you covered! These tablescapes would be perfect for fall weddings, as well, and a few of them are from some gorgeous fall weddings at The Barn. The best part: many of these items are probably things you already have, or they're things you could snag on a quick trip to Hobby Lobby! None of these would take very much time or effort to put together, so even though you've only got a few days left before the big day, you've still got plenty of time to pull them off! Here are some Thanksgiving tablescapes that are (almost) as yummy as your Turkey Day dinner! 

From our  Instagram

From our Instagram

Photos by Manda , from  Leah + Parker 's wedding at The Barn

Photos by Manda, from Leah + Parker's wedding at The Barn

The Kindred Collective , from  Jordon + Nick 's wedding at The Barn

The Kindred Collective, from Jordon + Nick's wedding at The Barn