Britney + Zach's Blue & White Fall Wedding

Have I mentioned that our fall season at The Barn was seriously epic? I've shared the most gorgeous weddings from this fall over the past few weeks, and I still have several to share! Britney and Zach were married at The Barn last month, and their wedding was elegant with rustic touches, a fun color palette, a pretzel bar (yum!) and so many other great details!

Britney and Zach's photographer was Courtney Utley. We love all these sweet photos of their big day! Enjoy!


Britney and Zach were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on November 12, 2016. Their color palette of shades of blue and pops of orange and yellow was fun and perfect for fall. They also used tons of white in their ceremony, which was stunning! "Zach and I both LOVE the color blue," Britney said. "It is our favorite! As for the theme, I wanted it to be rustic and elegant!"

Britney's gorgeous bridal gown came from Low's Bridal. I'm always a fan of dresses that aren't true white, and the color of this one is so pretty! Plus the lace detailing is gorgeous, and the silhouette was perfect. "I wore my grandmother's wedding band and pearls to top it all off," Britney said. 

Zach said the detail he would never forget of his wedding day was Britney's dress, and we can see why! She was such a lovely bride! 

The bridesmaids wore beautiful floor-length cobalt blue dresses by Shonda Ali-Shamaa, who is the designer of Love R.O.C.S. The silhouette was gorgeous, and it was flattering on each bridesmaid, which is nearly impossible to find! The groom and groomsmen wore one of my favorite looks for guys... Jeans, gray suit jackets, white shirts, blue ties, and boots. This bridal party couldn't have looked better! 

Britney's bouquets and floral arrangements were full of bold colors, and they were amazing! They included orange daisies, white roses and blue hydrangeas. "They were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!" Britney said. "I also included many accessories with dragonflies on them to remember my maid of honor."

And we always say YES to shotgun shell bouts!

Britney and Zach shared a sweet, romantic first look before their ceremony, and as always, these were some of my favorite pictures of their wedding day! 

Our wedding was literally a dream come true. It was more than I ever thought it would be or even envisioned! It was the perfect day and the perfect venue!
— Britney

Britney and Zach's ceremony details were simple and elegant with rustic touches. We will forever be swooning over their altar! It was lush and fluffy, with an organza drape and two large white tiebacks. "We loved the altar," Britney said. "I love how it came to life and was so elegant." The aisle was lined with logs topped with white florals, as well as white flower petals.

"We incorporated our monogram as the guestbook," Britney said. "I loved how it turned out! Such a great keepsake and memory of the special day."  

 From our Instagram

From our Instagram

Our favorite part of getting married at The Barn would have to be how easy it was. It was so nice to show up the day of and just relax, laugh, have fun, and get married! No stress was involved during this wedding process thanks to y’all.
— Britney

Britney and Zach's reception was elegant and rustic, with tons of blue and pops of yellow and orange. Like TONS of blue. And it was AMAZING! Their tables included white linens, blue runners, blue napkins with their place settings (they made such a statement!), beautiful floral arrangements in assorted vases. and floating candles. They also had a kids' table, with special activities for their little guests. Those are such a hit and never a bad idea! 

 From our Instagram

From our Instagram

We also both agree the flowers and décor are unforgettable. They were everywhere we turned and all so perfect.
— Britney

Simple white cakes made a big ol' comeback this year, and we LOVED every single one of them! Britney and Zach's was a little bit rustic, with blue, orange, yellow and white flowers to make it fun and unique. And Zach's little tree stump groom's cake... how cute is that! 

Another detail we loved from Britney and Zach's reception: A PRETZEL BAR!!!!! Seriously. What a fun idea!
"[Our favors] were hot pretzels with nacho cheese sauce or cinnamon," Britney said. "They represent our love for pretzels. The different flavors are for Zach's love of salty foods and my love of sweet foods." I can't even get over how cute this wedding detail is! And of course our team made it super fancy, with gorgeous flowers and a fun but elegant display! 

The rest of the reception included a first dance, a father daughter dance (it was choreographed... the best kind!), a mother son dance, and so many other fun memories made with their loved ones. 

It's no surprise that this super fun couple had a super fun getaway! Their guests threw blue and white confetti as they exited The Barn. The newlyweds haven't gone on their honeymoon yet, but they plan to go over Christmas break while Britney is out of school! "We are headed to Branson to see the Christmas lights over my Christmas break," she said. "I am a teacher and get those weeks of so it just makes sense. We are not doing anything huge or fancy right now because we are building our future home! Check back with us in a few years, we plan on going somewhere super fancy!"

I always ask our brides for feedback on how our team did, and this is what Britney said! "AMAZING!!! Y'all read our mind on everything! We could not picture a more beautiful wedding even if we tried! Y'all made our wedding day everything we dreamed of and more!!"

Britney and Zach, thank you so much for letting us plan your beautiful wedding with you! We loved every single detail! Y'all are the best! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo