How To Spend Your Wedding Morning

One of my very favorite things about being a Barn Bride was that I didn't have to do anything on the day of my wedding, other than just show up and have a good time. I didn't have to help with setting up decor or tearing everything down. That part alone is worth choosing The Barn as your wedding venue! Getting married at an all-inclusive venue is truly luxurious; on your wedding day, literally all you have to do is show up, put on your dress, drink champagne with your bridesmaids, and then have a beautiful, fun wedding and reception! Just for fun, here are some ways to spend the morning of your wedding, while you're NOT working hard setting everything up... Leave that to us and go enjoy every part of your big day! :)

(These photos have nothing to do with what to do on the morning of your wedding day... They're just a reminder of how pretty we're going to make The Barn while you're off enjoying your wedding day!)

*Go out for brunch! A leisurely brunch is always a good idea. I'd recommend eating something light, like an omelette with vegetables and a fruit plate. You don't want to feel overly full, and you sure don't want to have to squeeze into your dress! Also, mimosas! Enjoy a couple of mimosas with your girls, but don't get too crazy... You don't want to be buzzed as you walk down the aisle! Go easy on the coffee, too. Your pre-wedding jitters will only be made worse by too much caffeine! 

*Sleep in. This was what I chose to do on my wedding day, and it was pretty awesome to be able to sleep until 10, go get my hair and makeup done with my bridesmaids, and then show up at The Barn feeling well-rested and ready for the day. If you plan on partying late into the night, rest up! 

*Go to the spa! You obviously want to be totally calm and stress-free on your wedding day. What better way to unwind and forget your pre-wedding nerves than with a relaxing facial and massage with your mom and bridesmaids? You could also get a last-minute manicure and pedicure for even more relaxation.

*Finish packing for your honeymoon. Have everything packed and ready to go for your honeymoon, so you don't have to worry about it at all as soon as the wedding's over. When it's all over with, you'll be ready to get straight to the airport and fly off to your honeymoon destination with your new spouse. Save yourself some stress by finishing packing before your wedding, so you can focus on enjoying your time as newlyweds afterward!

*Chill out. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it's relaxing. Put on something comfy (but cute enough for getting ready photos!) and have a low-key morning hanging out with your closest girls. Then go have your hair and makeup done and enjoy being fully pampered by your makeup artist and hair stylist. 

After you've done these things, head on out to The Barn with your bridesmaids and put on your dress. Then take a bunch of photos during a romantic first look with your man! And then fully enjoy your wedding day, with no set-up, tear-down or stress whatsoever!