Throwback Thursday: Blog Recap - Part Five

Weddings at The Barn are hands down my most favorite thing to post about on this blog. Each wedding at The Barn is unique and gorgeous in its own way; we've never had two that were the same, and they are each so, so, so pretty. Our team works incredibly hard week after week to create the most beautiful weddings and events you've ever seen! So it's very important to me to share each wedding that happens at The Barn with our readers and fans. 

Former Barn Brides, if you haven't heard from me about blogging your wedding, please email me at barnattwinoaksblogger {at} gmail {dot} com. I want to be sure to post EVERY single wedding we've ever done, because they are all too pretty to be left out! You might also want to check your "other" folder in your Facebook messages, just to be sure you haven't missed a message from me. :)

Anyway, here are eight weddings that I've posted about on this blog that you simply must see if you missed them the first time around! If you'd like to see previous Throwback Thursday recaps, here are parts one, two, three and four

1. Jessica + Brett's modern, rustic glam wedding was one of our most unique ever, and it also had maybe more details than any other wedding we've ever done. Every detail, from the invitations to the favors, was colorful, fun and absolutely stunning. Their color palette included jewel tones and metallics, and their florals were AMAZINGGGG. The bride wore a fab long-sleeved dress, and they had SIX favors. Like I said, details for days, y'all. 
2. Emaly + Thomas' bohemian-chic fall wedding also had some of the prettiest florals ever (but really, when are our florals not over-the-top amazing?!). They had a unique color palette of gold, gray and jewel tones. My favorite detail was their altar: rich-colored flowers, greenery, and hanging bottles! You also can't miss their elegant, boho-chic reception tables. 
3. Samantha + Matt's navy and gold pineapple themed wedding (yes, pineapple themed!) was super unique, because, you know... pineapples. Who knew pineapples could be so glam?! The best details from this one: orange bouquets, gold sequined bridesmaids' dresses, and gold painted pineapples. This one was fun! 
4. Melody + Brett's intimate, colorful, butterfly-themed wedding was certainly one of our favorites from 2015. If you haven't read their story, you've got to go to their blog post and read it! This wedding was incredibly sweet. There was a fun, colorful, hanging bridal bouquet and sweet butterflies everywhere, including on their cake, throughout their floral arrangements, and on their reception tables.  

5. Kassie + Adam's wedding was rustic-chic, glam, and a little bit feminine. Their lush, pink bouquets and floral arrangements were full of texture. This wedding included boots, glitter, mason jars and ruffles... Rustic-chic doesn't get any more perfect than that! Some other highlights included Kassie's unforgettable bridal gown, rustic-meets-glam reception tables, a cute ice cream bar, a pretty naked cake, and the sweetest sweetheart table. There's a reason this one was all over our ad in Southern Weddings magazine! ;)
6. Monica + Ryan's glam blush, gold and navy wedding was one for the books! Sooo many pretty details, y'all. Their florals were over-the-top, and their sequined altar was one of our favorites ever! I also loved the bridesmaids' dresses, Monica's enormous bouquet, their gorgeous reception tables, and their cake! You have to see every single detail from this one!
7. Katie + Alan's blush, gold and emerald wedding had a rustic-glam theme, and we loved every single detail. A champagne + blush bridal gown. Pink rose + peony bouquets. Lots and lots of sequins (on the altar and on the reception tables). A gorgeous cake. And the prettiest reception tables we ever did see. 
8. Ani + Nathan's chic white wedding proved that simple can be just as pretty as over-the-top. This wedding was an eclectic mix of white, ivory, a very light blush, and brass details.  Their ceremony decor was very minimal, and their reception tables, lined with brass candlesticks and milk glass vases, were jaw-dropping. 

I know I've said it a ton, but I absolutely cannot wait for our 2016 wedding season, which begins very soon! We have SO many gorgeous, unique weddings coming up this year... I can't wait to share them with y'all!