Emily + Blake's Chambray Book-Inspired Wedding

Even though we're gearing up for spring at The Barn, I wanted to share this gorgeous fall wedding with y'all! We're still obsessing over this one. It had a unique color palette, stunning vintage details, and the absolute sweetest bride and groom. While this couple had very different styles, our team combined them to create a beautiful theme that was perfect for each of them. 

These photos were taken by one of our preferred photographers, Danielle Davis Art/Photography, and she did such a great job of beautifully capturing every detail! 


Emily and Blake were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on October 4, 2014. Their color palette included blue, gold, champagne and chocolate. As for their theme, "It took a lot of compromise," Emily said. "Blake and I are complete opposites- he is a good ol' southern boy, and I have more of a preppy taste. We do agree on one thing- we love to read. We both also wanted a casual feel and wanted to incorporate sentimental items that represented things that were important to us." Our team came up with an Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren, book-inspired theme. Emily said it was "so on-point with our style it was almost scary."

"One thing that I think is really cool, and an ode to the talent and creativity of everyone involved, is that our wedding used several 'trends' before they were trendy," Emily said. "Maybe I didn’t notice as much, but until we used antlers, I didn’t see them as often in weddings. We had a naked cake, which weren’t super common at the time (now I see a lot of), and the bouquet ribbons are now 'a thing,' but I hadn’t seen that much either- and TRUST ME, I was a Pinterest fool." That's right, y'all, our team is full of trendsetters! ;)

Here's their wedding video by Kurt Shrader, which shows many of their gorgeous details and some of the most special moments of their wedding day. This video is so beautiful! It really gives you a feel of what it's like to get married or attend a wedding at The Barn. 

Emily's lace bridal gown came from First Impressions. It was simple yet stunning, and the classic silhouette looked gorgeous on her. I also loooove her veil and boots. What a pretty bride you are, Emily!

We love a bride who incorporates personal touches into her wedding details, especially when she wears them! "My 'something old' was the ring my grandma had given my aunt to give to me at my wedding (she passed 6 months before the wedding- we were very close) that she wore as her wedding ring for 50 years," Emily said. "My 'something new' were my wedding boots that I had all of my bridesmaids and flower girls sign. My 'something borrowed' was a charm made for Blake’s mother by his grandmother when he was born and tied into my bouquet and my mother lent me the earrings she wore to marry my dad. My 'something blue' was a heart shaped patch from my dad’s old work jeans (chambray!) sewn into my dress."

Blake's look was unique and handsome! He wore navy pants, a gray jacket and a blue tie. And a shotgun shell boutonniere. We think you're one of the best dressed grooms ever, Blake!

Emily let her bridesmaids choose their own outfits, which we always love! "My only stipulations were: chambray somewhere, boots (duh!), and a neutral color, like cream," Emily said. These girls look fantastic! This look is casual yet chic, and they nailed it! Emily's nieces and sister-in-law were her flower girls. They wore ruffled cream dresses and flower crowns. How adorable are these little ladies?! 

Emily's bouquet and the floral arrangements used throughout the decor were some of our most unique. They included chambray colored hydrangeas and protea. "I just loved the color combo because it tied both Blake and I's favorite colors and contrasted perfectly," she said. Her bouquet also incorporated some of her grandmother's hand-crocheted lace, and it was tied with chambray fabric. "We also tied in my 'something borrowed' which was a charm from Blake's grandmother that had been handed down to his mother and a ring from my mother," she said. What a gorgeous, unique bouquet! 

Emily and Blake had THE sweetest first look ever. I'm not exaggerating. So many feelings while looking through their first look photos!!! The love these two have for each other is easy to see in all of their wedding photos, and especially in these sweet, sweet first look photos. After their first look, they took a whole bunch of romantic portraits together, and I'm reallllly (not) sorry for all the photos you're about to see of this fun couple! Y'all are precious! 

It was ABSOLUTELY perfect/gorgeous/stunning- everything we could have imagined. Neither of us wanted a wedding initially- especially Blake, and we started looking for a ceremony venue and were going to get married abroad. We thought a barn would be fun and casual, so we started there. What convinced us to have a wedding was Lesleigh and team. There is no way I could have pulled off such a wonderful wedding! Everyone was so helpful during the entire process, so I really got to stress about the ‘little things.’ We were able to have an entire staff working with us and also able to incorporate personal details.
— Emily

Emily and Blake's ceremony had so, soooo many beautiful details! Their altar was impeccable; it was draped with chambray and burlap, and there were two whiskey barrels with deer heads topped with stunning floral arrangements that matched Emily's bouquet. Their aisle was lined with gorgeous florals, logs, crates, lanterns and candles. As a nod to their mutual love of books, they had vintage books on their guestbook table (she and Blake picked them out at thrift shops), as well as bookmark favors, a handmade guestbook (a gift from Blake's mother), and an antique typewriter for their guests to leave them a message on. 

Emily and Blake were married by Blake's Granddad in a sweet, intimate ceremony. Their unity ceremony was really unique. "We combined glass crystals to ship to a company that they sculpted a beautiful bowl from- it is something we can use forever," Emily said. 

The thing I remember most, and always will, is how much I saw Blake and our friends and families together smiling and laughing and just having a great time. This is what made the day worth every penny, ounce of stress, and years of waiting for Blake to finally propose (we were together six and a half years before the wedding day). It was truly, honestly, without a doubt, the best day of our lives.
— Emily

Emily and Blake's reception started with a cocktail hour on the lawn. They had hay bale seating, covered with handmade quilts. They had a custom bar, with a deer head, of course! The deer heads and antlers were used all throughout their decor, and Blake's ring was even made from an antler! Their tables were decorated with navy linens, gold runners and gorgeous flowers. 

For favors, Emily and Blake gave their guests mason jars to drink from and then take home. They also made bookmarks! "This was a little detail that I could stress over," Emily said. "So we did. They were extremely intricate. We selected 2 or 3 quotes and had them printed on cardstock with our antler monogram and wedding date at the bottom. Then we cut more cardstock to match our theme and glued them to the back of the quotes, HAND stitched each one (seriously, we are nuts), and tied them off with some really cool metallic baker’s twine and used charms to match the theme as the weight. They were awesome) and I have about a hundred left if you want some- no, seriously)." 

When The Barn is taking care of every other detail, it's totally okay to go crazy with your favors! ;) And Emily, I seriously want one. 

Their reception tables were also set with navy linens, chocolate runners, gold bottles, vintage books, deer antlers, floral arrangements, lanterns, and so many other pretty details. Their sweetheart table had the most incredible detail ever: a vintage book backdrop, which Emily said was her absolute favorite detail of the day! 

Emily's other favorite parts of getting married at The Barn: "The 'family' we made was wonderful, the planning was made fun, the wedding was so personal, the service is unlike any other you fill find. I think these all tie into what made the wedding so great. And a great and memorable wedding is undoubtedly my favorite part about getting married at The Barn." 

Hands down, one of the most unforgettable details of Emily and Blake's wedding was their incredible naked cake! It was made by theCakePlace, and we've never seen a prettier naked cake, or a prettier cake in general! One of Emily's bridesmaids made the sign behind the cake... one of my favorite details! They also had a dessert table with fried pies, dessert shooters and other yummy treats. 

"The reception was SO much fun!" Emily said. "I still hear to this day how it was the best wedding some of our guests had ever been to. It was great to be able to have fun and our families have fun and not have to worry about setting up or clean-up or the during/post wedding details. Even Blake- who was the most anti-wedding you can imagine- says all the time how glad he is that we didn’t skip the wedding part because it was just the best day ever (he also got to go hunting the morning of- which wouldn’t have been possible- or should I say, allowed - if we would have attempted this on our own)." That's right, grooms! If you choose The Barn, you'll have time to go hunting on the morning of your wedding! ;)

Emily and Blake spent the rest of their reception enjoying a delicious dinner, sharing their first dance as well as father/daughter and mother/son dances, cutting the cake, listening to sweet toasts from their loved ones, and having the best time with their guests!

One last, fabulous detail was Emily and Blake's antler monogram above The Barn's doors! LOVE this incredible detail! After their grand exit, the newlyweds went on a truly unforgettable honeymoon. "We went to Maui and there are no words to describe how amazing it is there!" Emily said. "It was our first real trip just the two of us and we had so much fun being adventurous and didn’t feel the need to relax much, since the wedding was pretty much stress-free. One thing that was really cool/weird was that we noticed protea and blue hydrangeas everywhere! I had never even seen protea until we were planning the wedding, so it was just a sweet little reminder of our special day all throughout the honeymoon."

I always ask our brides to let us know about their experience with The Barn, and this is what sweet Emily had to say! "Everyone was seriously great! Aside from the full service (can’t be beat) and details and décor, the best part about getting married at the Barn was the willingness of the team to work with us and the external vendors to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. Even last minute changes were handled so well. It feels so good to say that I was able to actually enjoy my wedding (not only me, but my family as well). I know I drive all of my friends nuts because I talk up The Barn so much, and recommend it to everyone I meet planning a wedding... We also didn’t expect to become emotionally attached to the place or the people, which was the worst part because now we don’t see anyone! I talked to Lesleigh pretty much daily for about a year, but what is so cool is that you don’t feel like you were just another wedding, you guys still remember us.""

Emily and Blake, your wedding was unforgettable, and we are SO happy you chose us as your venue! We wish y'all a lifetime full of love and adventures! xoxoxoxoxoxo


This wedding was sorta the best, don't you agree?! I could go for some of that cake right about now!