Tuesday Tunes + Valentine's Day Flowers

Today I have not one, but two fabulous posts scheduled for y'all! This one is just for fun: a Tuesday Tunes playlist (because it had been waaaay too long) and an announcement that you don't wanna miss. Check back around noon today for one of our fabulous 2015 weddings! 

First up, Tuesday Tunes! This is what our team has been jamming out to lately. Actually, since I have a new baby, I have mostly been jamming to nursery rhymes. Buuut, don't worry, you won't find any Wheels On The Bus on this playlist. ;)

And now for the fun announcement I was talking about... We are once again having our Valentine's Day flower pop-up shop at theCakePlace this year!  Did you know that Valentine's Day is the only time of year that you can purchase bouquets made by The Barn Team without having your wedding or event at The Barn?! It's a big, big deal, y'all! Go ahead and text this link to your love, because you're going to want some of these!


We'll have arrangements in all different sizes, perfect for kiddos, teachers, friends or your significant other. Plus, theCakePlace always has the most delicious desserts, so it's a one-stop shop for all your Valentines. :) All of our arrangements will be under $100 (but they look like a million bucks!). We'll be there Wednesday through Saturday (the 10th through 13th), so come see us! Here's a Valentine's Day menu from theCakePlace... their desserts are always delish, and I seriously want one of everything. (Hint, hint, Richard!)

You won't wanna miss the fall 2015 wedding that I'll be posting in a few hours! There were painted pineapples involved. I'm just sayin'. It was a good one!