Wedding Inspiration: Altar Love

Your altar is a pretty darn important detail of your wedding, so you might as well go all out making it stunning! After all, there are going to be tons of photos of you standing in front of it, and it's where the whole marrying part goes down. ;) At The Barn, we take our altars seriously! We put a lot of effort into making each one as unique and special as the couple who says their I do's in front of it. Looking back through our weddings, I think it's safe to say that we've done every style of altar, from classic to whimsical to glam to rustic and everything in between! I've shared some of my favorites here, here and here. And you'll probably see another Amazing Altars post coming up, because we've had soooo many gorgeous ones, I want to share them all! Here are some ideas I love for altars that are bohemian, rustic, classic and glam. Can't wait to see what our fall 2016 brides dream up for their altars! <3