It's All In The Details! Part Four

If you've seen very many of our weddings, you know we pay attention to detail! We make it a point to not let any detail, no matter how small, go untouched. We try to make every. single. little. detail feel special and like it fits into the theme of a couple's big day. Last week, I shared some of my favorite larger scale details from recent weddings at The Barn. And today, I want to share some of my favorite smaller details, like pretty drinks and desserts, reception table details, and so much more. Each of these details, although small, added so much to these weddings! If you ask us, no detail is too small to leave out! If you don't believe me, just take a look at these tiny details that made a big impact. :)

Breanna + Bryan's wedding had so many special details, and perhaps the prettiest of all were their signature cocktails. Breanna is a bartender-turned-realtor, so creating delicious cocktails was a fun, delicious way to tell a little bit of her story. They served lavender-infused margaritas, lemon and lavender whiskeys, and a citrus cocktail with elderflower liquer. They were as pretty as they were tasty!

Favors are a small detail, but they don't have to be boring. Edible favors are always a good idea (way better than a shot glass with the couple's name and wedding date, am I right?!). Jaime + Jake's bacon jam favors were both creative and delicious.

Kierstan + Bradley's dessert shootersEdible details never go unnoticed! While a groom's cake is never a bad thing, it can be fun to get a little more unique with this detail. Kierstan + Bradley's dessert shooters were fun, cute AND yummy!

Kelsey + Gueorgui's wedding had so many great details, traditions and customs. Their ceremony was unique and beautiful: Kelsey walked down the aisle to a beautiful rendition of a Metallica song, and they had a hand fasting ceremony and flower grandmothers instead of flower girls. It was really special! Probably my favorite part of their ceremony was the ring warming ceremony, in which several guests passed around and blessed their rings before they exchanged them. How special!

Mackenzie + Tyler chose to decorate with green garlands throughout their decor: on their altar, reception tables and cake table. While these details were small on their own, they added such a gorgeous, glamorous touch to this wedding!

While the bride and groom's exit is often an overlooked detail at many weddings, we go all out with it at The Barn. What could be an insignificant moment is made special with sparklers, or in Katie + Alan's case, rose petals! Perfect for romantic photos leaving The Barn!

It adds to much to a wedding's overall theme and vibe when a couple chooses a small detail and incorporates it throughout their decor. Alyssa + Matt used vintage books in their ceremony and reception details, and they added such a fun touch to their sweet wedding!

Sometimes we use crazy things in our ceremony and reception decor, and it turns out totally awesome! We used rabbit feeders on Shelby + Josh's reception tables, and who ever knew how pretty those could be when filled with a little baby's breath?!

Monica + Luis are both from Mexico, and we wanted to work as much of their heritage into their wedding details as possible. One detail they wanted was a candy buffet, and our team went all out collecting all Mexican candies for it! It was unique, and super yummy!

Guestbooks are a small detail that can make a pretty big impact. Long gone are the days when you had to use an actual book for your guestbook! (If that's your thing, go for it, but we looove a creative guestbook alternative!) Emaly + Thomas' guestbook was simple, but it's something they can display in their home and actually look at every day. So much better than a book that'll be stashed away!

Which detail is your favorite? I think Breanna + Bryan's cocktails are mine. I'll take one of each, please! ;)