Morgan + Wager's Rustic Cowboy Elopement

If you're one of our Facebook fans (and if you're not, get it on it!), you have most likely seen us blowing up our Facebook page with this incredible, magnificent, jaw-dropping, ahh-maaazzzzing elopement for nearly a year now. (Never gonna get over this one... We’ll be talking about it forever!) We are CRAZY about this one, y'all! If you've never read about our elopements, let me tell you how they work: The bride and groom let us know an overall theme and color palette they like, and then we sort of just go to town creating a magical, gorgeous, romantic elopement for just the two of them, or for a handful of guests. Because we get total creative freedom on our elopements, they often turn out the best of all! And this one sure was the best. This gorgeous bride and groom ran away from central Oklahoma to get married at The Barn, and they were the sweetest Southern couple ever!

Sterling Imageworks perfectly captured all the amazing details, as well as this beautiful couple. Get ready to swoon, y'all! This one is something else!


Morgan and Wager were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on April 2, 2016. For their theme, Morgan told us that Wager was a cowboy and that she liked rustic, vintage, steer heads, reclaimed wood, and old tin. If I had to define their wedding theme, it would be rustic-boho-gypsy-cowgirl. (Does that even make sense?!) She loves bold colors and wanted lots of bright greens, pinks, purples and turquoise. "I said, 'I've seen your creative style, so just go with it!'" Morgan said.

About choosing their decor and theme, Wager said, "I put my beautiful and talented wife in charge!" What a good, smart guy! ;)

First of all, let's talk about what these pretty people wore. Morgan's stunning bridal gown came from Bella Rose Bridal in Edmond, Oklahoma. There's a lot to love about this dress... lace detailing, a pretty neckline, a gorgeous silhouette and train, and a little bit of bling on a sash at the waistline! Wager stayed true to his cowboy roots and wore boots, a cowboy hat, jeans and a gray jacket. What a handsome groom!

Since Morgan and Wager eloped without any guests, they obviously didn't have a bridal party, but they did bring along a very special part of their family... Their sweet mini Australian Shepherd, Mabel! "Embarrassingly, she's like our first child!" Morgan said. "She loved The Barn as much as we did, and fit right in! We were trying to boot her out of pictures more often than not." ;)

"Mabel was a little detail, but also a major part that helped make our wedding extra special and unique," Wager said. "She loves the country and being with us 100% of the time, so it only seemed appropriate for her to be included."

We always get wayyyy too excited when our couples bring their pups (or cats, horses, chickens, turtles, whatever) along for their big day! 

Morgan's bouquet was out of this world! It was vibrant and colorful, and it even had a few unexpected additions... Cacti, a cowhide wrap, and a silver concho accent!  "I gave no specifics as far as what I wanted," she said. "I never would have thought to put a cactus in a bouquet, but how cool is that??!!" I agree, Morgan! This bouquet was unforgettable!

The ceremony decor is where this elopement started getting straight up ridiculous. (The good kind of ridiculous, obviously!) One of Morgan's only requests for her decor was a cowhide rug at the altar, and she told us that she wanted the altar to be "spectacular"... She also told us she trusted us and let us do our thing, and it totally paid off! ;) Spectacular is an understatement, y'all! Lesleigh and our team constructed the altar out of pallets and old tin. It was finished off with hanging florals, steer heads, string lights, a fern, and Morgan's cowhide, complete with rose petals! The aisle was lined with logs and shepherd hooks, with mismatched jars and bottles full of bright, colorful, unique floral arrangements. 

Morgan's favorite detail of the day was that amazing altar! "I have a creative mind and that's exactly something that I would have created!" she said. "It's me, my style exactly... but the hanging flowers, ribbons, greenery and lighting added an over the top WOW factor!"

The Barn far surpassed my expectations! Lea was my planner and she is on top of her game!... It was definitely a great experience. From The Barn and its surroundings, to the awesome decorations and thought that it took to prepare it.
— Morgan and Wager

One of Morgan's favorite moments of the day happened just before the ceremony. "I snuck a sweet card into Wager's coat pocket, that he wouldn't find until he got dressed," she said. "The envelope read, 'Don't read until I go to put my dress on.' He didn't have a first look until I walked down the aisle, and he was a cry'n mess! That's why I fell so hard for him. He's a cute cowboy, with an ornery grin and a cute butt! Most importantly though, he's got the softest heart of any man I know." 

"It felt like a dream," Wager said. "I will never forget the feeling I had the moment I saw Morgan walking towards me down the aisle. I was somewhat nervous, but it was all gone when I saw her." 

These two! Holy cow... they are so sweet!

I hope y'all are ready for these romantic, swoon-worthy wedding portraits of a cowboy and his stunning bride! Heart. Eyes. For. Everrrrrr. Morgan and Wager, why aren't y'all models?! 

As with every other detail of Morgan and Wager's elopement, the cake and cake table were out of this world! Seriously, theCakePlace killed it with this lightly frosted cake! Where do I even begin with this table?! A cowhide. An antique window (with flowers!). Pink macarons to match the pink flowers. Gingham fabric accents. A grapefruit (who knew how pretty of a detail that could be?!). Even this pretty pink drink added so much to this table! There is a whoooole lot of eye candy (eye cake?) on this table.

When I asked Morgan to tell me about her favorite thing about getting married at The Barn, she said, "Obviously, the people made it a breeze and truly care about their couples. They provide more than a venue... it was a laid back, enjoyable elopement experience. The next best thing is the scenery. Since we eloped without any family, I wanted phenomenal pictures. It's a photographer's dream, and we had so many different places to take pictures. We're planning a reception in Oklahoma in June and will display them all on a slideshow throughout the reception. Everyone will get to see just how unique The Barn truly is!"

"Everyone at The Barn worked so hard on everything to make our day so special," Wager said. "They prepared so well and took a ton of work off our shoulders to help ensure we enjoyed every minute of our day. They provided an awesome facility and hospitality like no other. It was such a great place."

Morgan and Wager haven't yet gone on a honeymoon ("We're always on the go!" Morgan said... "It's always a honeymoon at our house!" said Wager. Ha!), but Morgan said they may plan one after their reception this June!

Morgan and Wager, we can't thank you enough for allowing us to plan this amazing wedding for the two of you! Please invite us to your reception this June, because we know it's going to be fun and fantastic! (Only half kidding...) We wish y'all the very best! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Ooooh, I love this wedding so! I couldn't think of a theme more perfect for these two, and our team had the most fun ever putting this one together. Keep an eye out, because we're sure you're gonna be seeing this one ALL over the internet! ;)