Why You Should Consider An Unplugged Wedding

A few years ago, this Facebook post about this poor groom who had to lean over to see his bride walking down the aisle, because of several guests standing in the aisle taking pictures with their phones made its rounds. I know, right?! OMG! There are few moments in life that are as sacred and precious as the moment you walk down the aisle to marry your best friend. And when that moment is an any way tainted or obstructed, it's totally acceptable and understandable to be upset about it! That's where unplugged weddings come in. Many couples (many of ours included!) have adopted this trend in recent years, and we’re all about it. If you're unfamiliar with an unplugged wedding, it means the bride and groom ask their guests to leave all phones and cameras put away through the ceremony and/or certain parts of the reception (first dance, cake cutting, etc.), or through the entire reception. Why should you consider an unplugged ceremony, and how can you politely ask your guests to keep their darn phones and cameras out of sight?

No one wants to get their wedding photos back and see swarms of guests standing in the aisle, with their phones or cameras up taking pictures of the ceremony. One of my favorite wedding photos would have been one that was taken during our wedding ceremony, from behind the ceremony site. In this photo, you can see us standing at the altar, our lovely guests, and our beautiful decor. Buuuut, one of our sweet guests (whose name I won't call out!) was standing in the aisle. She left her seat to walk up to the front of the aisle to take a picture of us. If only I had thought to politely ask our guests to leave their devices in their pockets or purses!

Couples want to see your beautiful face in their photos, not your phone or camera held in front of your face! Keep 'em down, pretty please.

When you're standing at the edge of the dance floor to take a photo of the bride and groom during their first dance, you may be in the way of the photographer. The couple has paid their photographer a lot of money to perfectly capture every big moment of their wedding. If you're standing where the photographer needs to be standing to get the shot, the perfect shot isn't going to happen. This also goes for every other big moment of the wedding!

And a really obvious reason: the bride and groom want to be able to see each other and truly enjoy the magical moment when the bride walks down the aisle to marry her man! 

Tryston Hines Photography , from  Breanna + Bryan 's wedding at The Barn

Tryston Hines Photography, from Breanna + Bryan's wedding at The Barn

The bride and groom may not want any photos of their wedding on social media until their photographer posts a sneak peek from their wedding, or until they are able to upload one. If you take photos and post them without permission, you may be sort of stealing their spotlight!

How can you ask your guests to put their devices up in a polite way? Have a sign on the guestbook table that says something like, "We invite you to be fully present with us during our ceremony. Please turn off all cell phones and cameras." Have your officiant make an announcement. Send your flower girl or ring bearer down the aisle with a funny sign that says, "Please put away all phones and cameras. The bride means it." Your guests will (most likely, hopefully) be more than happy to oblige!