Wedding Inspiration: Bridesmaids' Week!

It's officially Bridesmaids Week on The Barn Blog! I've had several ideas for bridesmaid-related posts, so why not knock them all out in one week? I'll be sharing tons of inspirations for bridesmaids dresses, trends and accessories, duties for maids of honor and bridesmaids, how to be a bridesmaid on a budget, and finally, my favorite bridesmaids looks from Barn Weddings. First up, lots of inspiration for bridesmaids' attire!

The first thing you've got to pick for your bridesmaids are obviously their dresses (or skirts/pants and tops, or rompers, whichever you prefer!). Your options are limitless! Will your girls all wear the same dress? Maybe the same color, length and fabric, but different necklines? Or do you prefer the mismatched look? Whether you prefer a traditional, timeless look for your bridesmaids or something more bold modern, here are a few ideas to get you started. 

*Mismatched dresses. Going this route is perfect for a rustic, casual wedding (as seen at Brittani + Matthew's wedding) or for something more glam (think Monica's bridesmaids' dresses). This allows your bridesmaids to pick a dress that they feel confident in and will likely wear again! And it usually turns out looking amazing. Tons of mismatched dress inspiration here!
*Rentals. True story: one of our bridesmaids (hi, Sam!) found some amazing Badgley Mischka dresses that she looooved for her bridesmaids, and she pretty much planned her entire wedding around them. The dresses were outrageously expensive to buy, so she had her girls rent them on Rent the Runway! What an amazing idea! If you go with this option, your girls won't be stuck with a dress they'll never wear again, and they'll look unforgettable! Another great option for dress rentals: Weddington Way
*Classic dresses. You can't go wrong with a knee-length or floor-length chiffon dress. They are so popular for a reason! They're typically flattering on any body type, and you can usually purchase a dress in the same color/length/fabric in different styles. 

After you've picked the perfect dress, think about what you want them to carry. The most common option is, of course, a bouquet. Do you prefer a traditional bouquet, something a little more unique, or even a hanging bouquet? Or you could skip the bouquet all together and have them wear a corsage or carry something totally different, like balloons or lanterns. Next, think about their accessories. Do you want them all to wear the same shoes, or are you okay with them picking their own shoes in the same color? Or will you tell them to wear whatever they want, or even go barefoot? What about jewelry? Statement necklaces or earrings are a fun, unique look, or you could gift your bridesmaids monogrammed necklaces to wear with their dresses. You could also let them wear whatever simple jewelry they'd like, or ask them to wear none. 

As I said, options for bridesmaids' looks are pretty much limitless. So it would be impossible for me to come close to sharing every style and trend for bridesmaids. Here are just a few of my favorites bridesmaids' looks to get you started! 

What is your favorite look for bridesmaids?