Being A Bridesmaid On A Budget

On Tuesday, I shared a list of maid of honor and bridesmaid duties, and many of the duties I talked about were money related. Being in a wedding can be really expensive! You may be expected to pay for your dress, accessories, hair, makeup, travel expenses, lodging, and a gift for the bride and groom. It can be a big financial commitment! If you've got several friends who ask you to be in their wedding around the same time, you could potentially shell out thousands of dollars in a short amount of time. However, there are a few ways that bridesmaids can save a lot of cash, without making major sacrifices! Here are a few tips for brides and bridesmaids on how to be in a wedding on a budget!

*Dress rentals. Weddington Way and Rent the Runway are just two great dress rental websites. Your girls will probably never wear their dress again, unless you choose a dress that doesn't look super bridesmaid-ish. :) Renting is cheaper, and they won't be stuck with yet another one-time-wear bridesmaid dress!

*Allow them to choose their own dress. If you've got a specific color and style in mind (for example, a cream, lace, knee-length dress), let your girls choose their own. Mismatched dresses always look phenomenal together, and your friend can spend as much or as little as she wants. She can also choose something she knows she'll wear again, which makes it even more cost-effective. 

*Find a used dress. You'd be surprised how many gently used bridesmaids dresses you can find on Poshmark (a phone app) and eBay! Before you pay full price for your dress, check them out for the specific size, color, and cut you need. You can sometimes find dresses for 50% cheaper than retail price, and when you're done with it, you can re-sell it!

*Let them pick their shoes and accessories. Unless it's absolutely necessary, don't insist that your bridesmaids wear the same shoes and accessories. Try to give them an overall style and let them pick their own. Something like nude flats or wedges is a good idea... They match with pretty much everything, and most girls probably already own something similar. 

*Rent a house together instead of paying for expensive hotel rooms. Hotel rooms are pricey, especially if you're not rooming with anyone. Maids of honor, coordinate a house rental for the bridesmaids and/or other bridal party members to stay in! You'll have more fun staying together (a giant sleepover!), and you'll save a ton of money. Check Airbnb, Homeaway, and VRBO for rentals. 

*Don't go too extravagant on the bachelorette party. While a Vegas bachelorette getaway would be extremely fun, not all bridesmaids can afford traveling before the wedding and to the wedding, plus all the other bridesmaid expenses. Bridesmaids, if the bride and other bridesmaids are going on a trip together and you can't afford it, try to have your own one-on-one girls night with the bride before the big day!

*Do your own hair and makeup. Unless the bride insists on having your hair and makeup professionally done, do it yourself. If she wants you to wear a specific look, YouTube tutorials are your friends. You could save up $250 or more by doing your own!

*Save on the gift. Split something from the couple's registry with another bridesmaid. Get crafty and make the bride a scrapbook of your friendship. Find an inexpensive monogrammed item on Etsy. Standing beside your friend on her wedding day is a pretty good gift in itself... Don't stress about buying an expensive gift too!

Tomorrow, I'll share some of my favorite bridesmaids looks from weddings at The Barn! Our brides and their girls have such great taste! :)