Alice In Wonderland Inspired Baby Shower

The Barn is known for its stunning, over-the-top, all-inclusive weddings and elopements, but did y'all know we do all kinds of other events, too? We've hosted holiday parties (Christmas, Halloween, New Years Eve, etc.), birthday parties, Banquet at The Barn, and several other great events. A couple years ago, we were asked by one of our former brides (y'all probably remember Ashley from this elegant, gorgeous wedding!) to host the absolute sweetest baby shower ever. I’ve shared this post before, but I wanted to share it again to remind y'all of the wonderful, non-wedding events that our team does! Whitney Phillips from WDPhotography photographed the event, and her pictures are so lovely! 

Ashley hosted the shower for her younger sister, Melissa, and sweet baby Charlotte Marie. Ashley has impeccable style and creative ideas, and she and our team were able to create a beautiful, elegant shower with the most beautiful details! Ashley's inspiration for the theme started with a photo Melissa showed her of umbrellas hanging over a set table. "As always, I shared the image with Lesleigh and her wheels started turning," Ashley said. "I'm not a big fan of traditional baby showers. Plastic tablecloths and a sign that says baby girl or boy on it with giraffes or sail boats. I wanted to stay as far away from the 'typical' as possible." We don't do anything "typical" at The Barn, so of course we stayed far away from traditional, boring baby shower decor. ;)

Melissa also loves Alice in Wonderland, so Ashley wanted vintage-inspired details from the story incorporated into the decor. She called it more of an Alice in Wonderland "feeling" than a theme... It wasn't over-the-top, but there were enough Alice details throughout to tie it all together! There were tea cups filled with pink and white florals, feminine ruffled tablecloths and sequined chevron runners, pink and gold place settings, and vintage-inspired umbrellas over the tables, with strings of pearls "raining" down. 

TheCakePlace made the most gorgeous, detailed vintage Alice in Wonderland-inspired cake, as well as "eat me" and "drink me" cookies. Adorable! The gold watch and teacup on the cake are killing me!

The shower took place mid-afternoon, so instead of providing a full meal, there were finger foods and a really fun cravings station!  "The craving table was inspired by my sister's pregnancy cravings, which included glazed donuts, Carmelos and Hershey's cookies and cream candy bars!" 

All good baby showers involve games, but we all know how cheesy and not fun they can be. Ashley chose fun, tasteful games and activities, including a "What's in your purse?" game and another game in which guests tried to name the Disney movie that goes to the Disney song. Fun and not at all tacky! :)

We were honored to plan this baby shower for Melissa and baby Charlotte, and I loved Ashley's reason for asking The Barn to help her out with this event! "I have six children, two of which are 1 year old twin girls, so I have zero time to plan large events!" Ashley said. "Being able to call Lesleigh and plan a beautiful event over the phone and through emails is absolutely amazing! I loved everything about the shower and wouldn't have changed anything!"