Wedding Inspiration: Fun Color Palettes

Hey, you guys! You may have noticed that last week was super quiet around here... I took a little vacation from blogging, but now I'm back and ready to share lots of pretty wedding inspiration! If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably seen a few sneak peeks of our spring weddings. We're anxiously waiting for the professional photos from all of them, and as soon as we get them, you can bet we'll be sharing them allllll over this blog and our social media accounts! CAN'T WAIT!  

2016 was the year of FUN color palettes at The Barn, and we have so many more this year! We've recently seen purple + turquoise (not once, but TWICE and we loved it!), burgundy + blue, red + purple, shades of blue, pink + gray, fuchsia, and so many other fun, bright colors! I adore traditional color schemes, muted colors, and pink and gold weddings as much as the next wedding blogger, but oh, how refreshing it has been to see so many BOLD colors! Here are just a few of my favorite bold color schemes from past weddings at The Barn, as well as from Pinterest. 

Burgundy + Powder Blue

Instagram photo from  Brandi + Rey 's wedding

Instagram photo from Brandi + Rey's wedding

Purple + Turquoise 

Erin Wilson Photography , from Courtney + Matt's wedding (which will be on the blog next month!)

Erin Wilson Photography, from Courtney + Matt's wedding (which will be on the blog next month!)

Tracye Harned Photography , from Katie + Cory's wedding

Tracye Harned Photography, from Katie + Cory's wedding

Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow + Green

Punch Colors (Fuchsia! Turquoise! Pink! Orange! All the fun colors!)

Andrea Clark Photography , from Megan + Drew's wedding

Andrea Clark Photography, from Megan + Drew's wedding

Red + Turquoise

Shades of Pink + Mustard

Pink + Grey

Jenna Lane Photography , from April + Isaac's wedding

Jenna Lane Photography, from April + Isaac's wedding

Primary Colors

Blue, Green + Pink