Wedding Inspiration: Geode & Agate Details

If you follow any wedding blogs on Facebook or Pinterest, I'm sure you've seen the gorgeous, eclectic geode and agate trend that has recently been popping up on cakes and reception tables. This is one trend that I'm totally obsessed with! Maybe it's because I'm a major nerd and I geek out over pretty rocks and crystals, but I LOVE geodes and agates in wedding decor! They are modern and colorful, and they make for unforgettable details. I know this is a really specific topic, but geodes and agates are actually beautiful for so many different aspects of a wedding... Ceremony backdrops (I can just see beautiful agates hung from The Barn's outdoor altar!), table markers, place cards, invitations, cakes (unbelievably gorgeous!), and so much more! Their beautiful, rich colors and stunning, unique shapes will make such a bold statement no matter where you decide to use these gorgeous details. They're perfect for modern, hippie-chic and bohemian weddings! Here are my favorite ways to incorporate the geode/agate trend into your wedding decor!