Meet The Team: Milissia Gray, Facilities Manager

I've been loving getting to know our staff a little better over the past several weeks, and I'm sure you have, too! We only have a few more members to introduce... If you haven't already, make sure to read all about Lea, Cindy, Victoria, Kelsea and Ginger. And now, meet Milissia! 

Milissia Gray is our Facilities Manager. She was born in Russellville and raised in Hector. She is married to Lloyd, and she has two kids, Sydney and Lucas. She's currently anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first granddaughter! 

"I am a Jeep fanatic," she said "I LOVE my Saint Bernards, quilting and I've recently taken up leather work." This lady's talents are all over the place, y'all! That's part of what makes her such a valuable asset to The Barn. :) 

Milissia hasn't worked in the wedding industry for very long, but she has 15 years of experience in the catering industry. She has two Bachelors degrees, including one in Business Administration. 

Her favorite weddings at The Barn: any that are outside the box! She especially loved Amber + Matt's turquoise and red wedding, Samantha + Matt's navy and gold pineapple-themed wedding, and Katie + Joe's rockabilly-themed wedding. 

Milissia works mostly behind the scenes to keep things looking beautiful and running smoothly! And she's the master of all power tool-related jobs! When you're out at The Barn and you're noticing how perfectly pretty everything looks, remember Milissia. She is a large part of what keeps The Barn and its grounds looking amazing! She also helps to make sure that every wedding is flawless, with every detail in the perfect place. 

"There is never a normal day at The Barn!" she said. "Each day is different. Whether it be cleaning the grounds to the trees, repairs, and prepping for the upcoming wedding during wedding season. In the off season, we do any major projects. My duties vary greatly!"

Milissia's favorite thing about her job: "Collaborating with The Crew to create each and every wedding from the first consult to the seeing the satisfaction of the happy couple," she said. "I love, love, love the details! From the particular napkin fold to making sure the chairs are perfectly straight." Milissia's attention to detail is part of what makes every wedding at The Barn so perfect!

We truly couldn't pull off our couples' dream weddings without this amazing woman's hard work! Perhaps her most important job: keeping our team in line. It isn't always an easy task. ;) We are so thankful for everything you do to make The Barn such a magical, beautiful place, Milissia!