Meet The Team: Ginger Johnson, Floral Designer

Hey y'all! If you've missed any of our staff introduction posts over the last several weeks, you've got to read all about Lea, Cindy, Victoria and Kelsea! Next up is Ginger!

Ginger Johnson is our incredibly talented Floral Designer at The Barn. She's also a newlywed! She and Dennis were married just last month! They met for the first time back in 3rd grade, and they recently reconnected. "The good Lord brought him back into my life by literally bringing him to my doorstep," Ginger said. Their love story sure is a sweet one! Fun fact: Ginger's husband and my husband are cousins, so I guess we're kind of related now! Woohoo! ;)

Ginger is originally from Harrison, Arkansas, and she was raised in, went to school in, and still lives in Dover. She has a 20 year old son, Jacob, and an 18 year old stepdaughter, Sydney. 

"I have lots of family and am pretty family oriented," she said. "I love to read, go on walks, listen to music, watch movies, and go on little adventures with my husband. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I watch the movies, read the books, and play trivia with my son and nieces every chance I get. I love sweet tea, beef jerky, and peanut M&M's."

Below are just a few of Ginger's favorite weddings. "I really find it hard to pick out my favorite weddings," she said. "There are so many. I loved everything about Jaclynn and Tyler's green wedding. One of my favorite altars was Emily and Blake's with the big arrangements on the wine barrels. And Jessica and Brett's cake table was amazing." 

Ginger has worked at The Barn since 2012, and she's been in the floral industry for 15 years. She is truly one of the most talented ladies around, and our weddings wouldn't be the same without her beautiful, inspiring creations! At least 90% of the time when I ask brides what their favorite thing was about their wedding day, they say, "The FLOWERS!!!" Ginger is amazing at what she does, and she is such a huge part of what makes every wedding at The Barn a dream come true for our couples!

Each day at The Barn is a little different for Ginger. On any given day, she may be cleaning and filling buckets to put flowers in when they arrive, making sure all the flowers are correct and look good, setting up cases and containers for arrangements, soaking oasis foam, or making a ton of gorgeous bouquets and arrangements! 

"I have a huge, very eclectic mix of music on my phone that I play while designing," Ginger said. "You never know what you may hear when you walk in the room. It may be George Strait, it may be Prince, it may be Sir Mix A Lot." That's one of the many things we love about her! 

A few of Ginger's duties include: discussing with our couples the flowers they want and how they want the ceremony and reception flowers to look, ordering flowers and greenery, making "recipes" for every arrangement, and then making the arrangements. "I also like to help outside in the flower beds and with whatever else needs doing," she said. 

Ginger's favorite thing about her job: helping people plan their happily ever after! "I love seeing the look on their faces when they can picture everything coming together," she said. "I couldn't ask for a better job and coworkers. I absolutely love my job. And I really couldn't find a better place to work. Like, ever."

If you're a future Barn Bride, you can bet on having the most gorgeous wedding flowers EVER, thanks to this lady! If you're not convinced, pull up photos of any wedding we've done and look at the bouquets and arrangements. They are always top-notch, y'all. No matter what style, shape, combination of flowers, etc., Ginger will rock it!  Be prepared for your wedding guests to brag on your flowers for many years to come. ;)