I do... I don't!

So, uh, this is probably the most awkward post you'll ever read on The Barn Blog. It's a topic that kinda stinks, but it has to be addressed. What happens if I get cold feet before my wedding day? Trust us, it happens. Let me tell you a little story...

A couple years ago, one of our grooms called off his engagement just eight days prior to the wedding. Eek! By that point, everything for a wedding has been ordered and paid for, so unfortunately, it's non-refundable. So the groom's family decided to make lemonade out of lemons and have a big ol' party, without the whole marriage part. It was awkward, yes... But you know what would have been even worse? That poor bride and groom marrying each other even though they were unhappy together, and then getting a divorce a few months or years down the road! Weddings are expensive, y'all... But getting a divorce is even more pricey! 

Our best advice for what to do if you get cold feet (most uncomfortable topic I've given advice about on this blog!):
*Think it through. Don't make any impulse decisions. If you truly, REALLLLYYYY don't want to marry the person you're engaged to, the right thing to do is call it off. It will be messy and painful. Be as kind as you can. And have the decency to let them know before you tell anyone else. 
*Call your venue and vendors! Nothing like your photographer showing up to find out your wedding has been cancelled. Yikes!
*If your wedding details are non-refundable, consider going ahead with an awkward-but-unforgettable party... One last hoorah before you go your separate ways. It'd be uncomfortable, but at least you didn't totally waste thousands of dollars! 
*Let your guests know that there won't be a wedding. Can you imagine the painful awkwardness when a guest shows up to your venue, all dressed up and ready for a romantic ceremony and reception, only to find out that it's been called off?! I'm cringing. Fill them in, pleeeease!
*For the love of all things good and holy, puh-lease don't wait until you're at the altar to decide you can't go through with it. That would be the most mortifying thing EVER, for you, the person you decide not to marry, your officiant, your guests, and everyone who hears the tragic, horrific story!!! (Because you know all your guests are gonna talk about it for years to come.)

In short, yes, it's embarrassing to get cold feet and cancel your wedding at the last minute. It can cost you a lot of money, too. But what's more awkward, embarrassing and expensive is getting a divorce. Calling off a wedding is humiliating and unpleasant, but divorce is much more traumatic!  (We're looking at you, Brangelina. Whyyyy?!)

We hope none of you ever feel the need to cancel your wedding, but if you do, there are ways to make this sucky situation as painless as possible!