Wedding Videography We Love

Weddings can be really expensive, y'all. We totally get it. Once you've paid for your venue, photographer, dress, and all the other countless things, it can be overwhelming. But there is one more thing that's so very important that you should consider splurging on, and that's a wedding videographer! An amazing videographer will not only capture the moments from your wedding that you'll never want to forget, but they'll also take beautiful footage of your details and combine it all to create a video that you'll treasure forever. We've been lucky enough to work with some of the best videographers around, and their wedding films never fail to take our breath away!

If there is any way that you can shift your budget around to include a videographer, you should go for it! When your big day is over with, you'll remember it by the photos and videos you have. Wedding videographers aren't cheap (and if they are, you should definitely question the quality of their work!), but they're an investment that is worth every penny. By the way, did you know that The Barn is not only all-inclusive (which cuts way down on price), but it's also significantly less expensive than the state and national averages for a wedding?! Weddings aren't cheap, but you truly get so much more for your money when you book an all-inclusive venue like The Barn! And then you have extra money for a great videographer. ;)

Here are a few of our favorite films from weddings and styled shoots at The Barn, from some super talented videographers who we adore! Take a little break, grab some coffee, and get ready to swoon... These are so romantic and beautiful, and they really show how magical it is to get married at The Barn! <3

What Love Looks Like by Branchout Studios (shot at Ashley + Justin's wedding)