Rustic Barn Weddings 3 Ways

The Barn was made for rustic weddings!!! ...Or rustic weddings were made for The Barn? Either way, the two go together like peanut butter and jelly, and rustic weddings always fit right in with The Barn's rustic charm! While we've done a ton (like, a TONNNN) of rustic weddings, they are not all created equal! We've done really rustic weddings (think lots of burlap and hay bales) and we've done rustic-meets-glam, too... And everything in between! Rustic details pair so well with other styles (boho, glam, and shabby chic, for example), and even though we've done about a million of 'em, we never get tired of rustic weddings! Here are three of our most popular rustic weddings, which are all super different but have a few rustic details in common. (P.S. Check out three boho Barn weddings, too!) 

Rustic Chic

Mandy and Matt's wedding was the epitome of rustic chic! They had allll the details required of a rustic chic wedding (burlap, lace, boots, wood accents), plus a whole bunch of really cool, unique details. These two came all the way from Alaska to get married at The Barn, and they brought a few touches of Alaska with them! There were fox tails in their florals, facts about Alaska on their reception tables, and Alaskan Gold Rush mining pans. 


Morgan and Wager's rustic-boho-gypsy-cowgirl elopement had a lot going on, and it couldn't have been any better! When we were planning this wedding, Morgan told us she liked rustic, vintage, steer heads, reclaimed wood, old tin and bright colors. Then she literally said, "I've seen your creative style, so just go with it!" Okay, girl!!! This is what happens when you tell our team to "just go with it." The most epic pallet + rusty tin altar, bright florals, cowhides and steer heads, the prettiest cake and cake table of all time (seriously though), and so many other one-of-a-kind details! Wedding goals right here, y'all. 

Rustic Glam

Kassie and Adam's wedding was equal parts burlap and sequins. It was rustic meets glam at its finest! There were pink, glittery, girly details, and there were also plenty of wood, rusty, masculine details. It was the best of both worlds! There were soooo many details to love, but some of the most memorable included: pretty pink florals (with plenty of texture to keep them from feeling too feminine), the most perfect ceremony details (vintage wooden doors, florals, wood accents, an amazing petal design down the aisle), a gorgeous naked cake, a fun/sweet ice cream bar, and a super rustic escort card display. Oooh, and Kassie's dress + boots. Seriously the most gorgeous bride ever!