Whimsical Barn Weddings 3 Ways

These "Barn Weddings 3 Ways" posts are becoming some of my favorites! It's so fun to look back through several years' worth of weddings and see all the different styles and themes we've done. I love that absolutely NONE of our weddings have been repeats of another, even though some of our couples have had similar tastes in themes and color palettes - we make sure each wedding has its own look and its own unique details. Weddings with fun, cute, whimsical details are some of my absolute favorites! Even though a whimsical wedding may not be the first style you think of when you consider a barn venue, they really do go flawlessly with The Barn's rustic charm. Here are three sweet, whimsical weddings that we've done! (P.S. I included my own whimsical wedding... ;) Don't judge.)

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Colorful, Whimsical & Balloons!


When Sujey and Jeffrey eloped at The Barn, they told our team that they loved bright colors and the adorable Pixar movie UP. Umm, heck yes. Our team went to work blowing up about 10 bazillion balloons, creating a stunning balloon altar, a balloon arch for their cake table, and other balloon details. Three tiny naked cakes, as well as gorgeous, bright florals were the final details needed to create one of the most unforgettable weddings we've ever done! 

Romantic & Whimsical

Like I said, whimsical is one of my favorite wedding themes, and it's what Richard and I chose for our wedding! I wanted to create a whimsical, romantic, laid-back feel, so Richard and I incorporated several fun, light-hearted details into our decor - including my bike (which we painted blush and sparkly gold), fancy dinosaurs on our reception tables (yeah, we went there!), and fun tassels hanging over the lawn. We also chose several romantic, dreamy details, like our altar and lots of pink florals. I LOVED our wedding so much. 

Whimsical Country

Kortney and Dakota's pastel wedding was super sweet - it was a little bit vintage, a little bit country, and a little bit whimsical! First up, let me just say that I'm still in love with Kortney's dress and pretty pastel florals. Some of their more whimsical details included a fun balloon entrance into The Barn (as opposed to a grand exit), sweet pastel florals in old Coke crates with song titles on each table, and that sweet cake and cupcake display. Whimsical can be country, too!