Glam Barn Weddings 3 Ways

"Glam barn weddings" sort of seems like an oxymoron, but just because our venue is rustic doesn't mean glamorous themes don't go well with the surroundings! In fact, glam weddings couldn't be more gorgeous at The Barn. The rustic setting keeps glam details from feeling too stuffy; it's perfect for the couple who loves elegance but also wants a fun, relaxed vibe for their big day. You can check out three ways we style rustic, boho and whimsical weddings at The Barn, too! Here are three of our most gorgeous weddings that were glamorous, fabulous and unique!

Aztec Meets Glitz & Glam

Just because you want a glam wedding doesn't mean your wedding can't have a fun theme! Emily and Casey chose to incorporate Aztec-inspired details throughout their decor, but it was also glamorous, glitzy and totally fabulous. We will FOREVER love their fun teepees, insane cake table (so many gorgeous cakes and macarons!), amazing backdrop behind their head table, and elegant florals. There was so much to love about this wedding! We're still swooning over it three years later!

Bold Rustic-Glam

Amber and Matt wanted a wedding that was equal parts glamorous and rustic, and their bold red and turquoise color palette went flawlessly with their unique theme! Many of their details were more on the rustic side, but they went full-on fabulous with their ceremony decor. Amber wanted an altar and aisle that were super lavish and over-the-top. We've never seen another ceremony quite like this one, y'all! Amber also made her bouquet glam and classy with the addition of some BLING! Sooo pretty. 

Classic, Glittery & Glamorous

Monica and Ryan's wedding had a gorgeous, timeless color palette of blush, navy and gold. They wanted their details to be classic, a little bit glamorous, and a little bit rustic. They chose many timeless, classic touches, and added just enough glitter and sparkles to make it totally glam. This is one of my faves ever, y'all! I'm forever swooning over every. single. detail... Monica's stunning bridal gown, the bridesmaids' dresses, the florals, the sparkly altar, the elegant cake, the gorgeous reception tables. PERFECTION!