Regan + Cory's Timeless Neutral Wedding

Regan and Cory's wedding was a DREAM. We're in love with timeless, neutral weddings and this one was the most gorgeous ever. Sigh! Plus, this bride thought of everything, so this wedding was super detailed - from personalized hangers, custom wine glasses and matching robes for her bridesmaids to gorgeous bridal accessories (and even her wedding date embroidered on the inside hem of her dress!) to a custom unity wine box to a ton of reception details (the sweetest chair signs, personalized forks/toasting glasses/napkins) and EVERY little thing in between. Y'all know our team LIVES for the details, so we're gonna be swooning over this super detailed, SUPER pretty wedding for a longgggg time.  

These photos by Sterling Imageworks are absolutely magical. They are always some of our favorite photographers to work with! 


Regan and Cory were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on June 10, 2017. Regan wanted a classic, timeless theme and "something that I would not regret in years to come," she said. They chose a neutral color palette of grey, ivory, gold and a dusty blush. Their details were timeless, elegant and romantic! 

Regan was such a beautiful bride! Her bridal gown, which was from Low's Bridal, had a stunning mermaid silhouette, the perfect amount of bling at the waist, and fun, flirty ruffles. She also had several great accessories: shoes, a garter and earrings that all coordinated perfectly. Best dressed bride ever! 

Regan's florals were classic and stunning, and they had enough of a messy, undone look to keep them feeling modern and fresh. They consisted of white peonies, white roses and eucalyptus. 

Regan spoiled her bridesmaids with all the fun details, like matching robes, personalized wine glasses and dress hangers! Their dusty blush tone dresses were from Show Me Your MuMu, and they were fabulous. They were super modern, which made this otherwise timeless wedding feel very 2017! Such a great detail. And they coordinated perfectly with the groom and groomsmen's very handsome, classic gray suits! 

Regan and Cory chose not to see each other before their ceremony, but she did have a first look with her bridesmaids and with her dad. We're big fans of the first look, whether between a bride and groom or a bride and her gals/parents/whoever! The more, the merrier. :)

Also, Regan was the sweetest bride ever and wrote letters to several of her loved ones, which were all caught on camera and all made me weepy. SO sweet. I wish I could include all the photos, but I'm already getting carried away here. ;) 

Regan and Cory's ceremony was simple, but stunning. Their altar was draped in white fabric with a garland made of eucalyptus, and their aisle was lined with lanterns and candles. They had a beautiful guestbook table with a rustic wood disc for their guests to sign. 

Our wedding was truly the wedding of our dreams and the best day of our lives. The Barn was decorated even better than I imagined! We truly had the time of our lives!
— Regan

Their ceremony was filled with special details, too. Cory's dad was their minister, and they had a special unity ceremony: a box made by Regan's dad that they filled with their vows and a bottle of wine, which they will share on their first anniversary. 

"Of course I will remember walking down the aisle, and seeing my groom's reaction," Regan said. Cory's reaction to seeing his bride was so precious and unforgettable! 

My favorite part about getting married at The Barn was how stress free it was. I fully trusted my wedding coordinator, Cindy, and she did an absolute fantastic job in taking care of all my wants and needs. She truly cared in making me and my groom happy, and definitely succeeded. I could not be more thankful for her and her team!
— Regan

This bride and groom! So in love, happy and blissful. <3

Ohhhh, this reception! The details were incredible. The tables were absolutely stunning, with eucalyptus garlands, gold candlesticks with tons of gold candles, and simple white and gold place settings. Even details as simple as these can make such a huge statement! Between the candles and the hanging lights above their sweetheart table, the lighting in The Barn was straight up magical for this wedding. 

"My favorite wedding detail was our sweetheart table," Regan said. "The table was the center of The Barn and definitely an eye catcher! The decorations and hanging greenery was my favorite part." It was gorgeous! The "better together" chair signs were just the icing on the already delicious cake. :)

When my groom and I were able to see The Barn, I cried! The Barn was decorated just as I had asked, and was even prettier than I imagined! I honestly would not have changed anything about it.
— Regan

Regan and Cory's cakes were just as beautiful as all of their other details! You can't go wrong with an almost-naked cake with greenery, white flowers and a simple, rustic backdrop. And Cory's groom's cake was the perfect cake for a duck hunter. :)

Regan and Cory's reception was one big party, with a whole bunch of dancing - seriously, so many good dance pics! They had a romantic getaway at the end of the evening, and then headed off for a short getaway. "I am currently finishing up my master's degree and Cory just recently got a promotion at work," Regan said. "Therefore, a honeymoon did not quite fit in our plans! However, we took a two night stay in a cabin on Table Rock Lake!"

Our wedding day could not have been more perfect. Going on throughout the day stress free, relaxing, and enjoying the time with my bridesmaids and family is truly what the day is about. The planning meetings held prior to the wedding day were extremely organized and proactive. The team fully expressed their desire to make my dream reality and portrayed their success in doing so. Because of the Twin Oaks Team, my relaxed day was enjoyable, I could not complain! Y’all are truly a wonderful, successful team, and I would highly recommend this venue as a place to take care of the best day in a person’s life.
— Regan

Regan and Cory, we're going to be talking about your wedding forever! We're so glad we got to plan it with you! Best wishes, y'all! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo