Fall at The Barn

We're soaking up every second of spring and each of our gorgeous spring weddings, but let's take a minute to talk about fall out here at The Barn. Many of our prospective couples want to know what The Barn looks like in a certain month before they book their wedding with us... last week, we showed you what the landscape around The Barn looks like during our spring season (March through June), so let's check out what it looks like in the fall to early winter season (September through December).

If you're not familiar with Arkansas weather, let me just tell you that September is basically just an extension of summer. September weddings are usually pretty hot, and the leaves haven't typically started changing colors at all. Our leaves don't start changing much until mid to late October, when temperatures are a little cooler (and sometimes downright chilly during evening weddings). Leaves usually peak in our area in late October or early November, so if you're wanting a super colorful fall wedding, go for one of those dates! The leaves are still beautiful even as they begin to fall, so November weddings are still colorful and gorgeous, although quite a bit chillier. We don't have many weddings in December, but we do book amazing Christmas parties. It very rarely snows in our area in December, so if you book a December date, don't get your hopes up too much for snow! We occasionally book elopements during our off-season (January to early March), so if you have your heart set on a snowy wedding, talk to us about those dates. Here is what The Barn looks like during the fall and early winter months!




MGB Photo , from  Meagan + Alex 's wedding

MGB Photo, from Meagan + Alex's wedding


Sam Hagadorn, from  Cheri + Anthony 's wedding

Sam Hagadorn, from Cheri + Anthony's wedding