The Barn's Preferred Photographers

If you ask us, hiring a great wedding photographer is just as important as finding a great wedding venue. Few things are more sad to us than when a couple has a gorgeous, unique, super detailed, amazing wedding, and not-so-fab wedding photos. We love ALL of our weddings, and we want to see publish-worthy photos that do them justice! Here's the thing about photographers: you get what you pay for. We don't recommend any dirt cheap photogs to our couples. (This isn't a dig at any new photographers out there... We understand that beautiful photography takes years and years of hard work, and someone who has worked for years to perfect their photography style and invested in expensive gear is going to charge more for their talents.) And if you know of a photographer that is super inexpensive AND amazing, send them our way! ;)

While hiring a friend or family member to take your photos may seem like a genius way to save money, we would strongly discourage it - unless you know for a fact that they take incredible photos! Since you're going to look back on these photos for the rest of your life, we highly recommend saving up for an excellent photographer. We understand all couples have different budgets, and we are more than happy to help you find a great photographer that fits within your specific budget. There is no way we could include all the photographers we love, but this list includes people who we've worked with and feel totally comfortable recommending. They are all fun and easy to work with, have excellent photographic style, and have a reasonable turnaround time on their photos.  There is someone for every bride in this list... They're all different in styles, prices, lighting, personalities, etc. and they are all incredible!


Sterling Imageworks Photography - We go way back with Jaison and Callie Sterling from Sterling Imageworks! Just a few weddings and styled shoots they've worked on with us: Logan + Dusty, Morgan + Wager, Regan + Cory and our Breakfast at Tiffany's styled shoot. They take photos that are timeless and simply stunning, with natural lighting, beautiful colors and crisp details. They flawlessly capture every detail, as well as stunning photos of their couples, all the important moments that you don't ever want to forget, and even candids that are pretty! We're huge fans. Their wedding photography packages start at $2,000 and they are seriously worth. every. penny. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Erin Wilson Photography - Erin's photos are always SO dreamy and romantic, with the most gorgeous lighting and colors and major fairy tale vibes. If you want photos that look like they're straight out of Southern Weddings or Style Me Pretty, Erin is your girl! She's been featured in print and all over the web, and for good reason. She’s truly one of the most talented photogs in Arkansas (and anywhere, tbh). She shot Courtney + Matt's wedding, and you can also see more of her stunning work on her Facebook and Instagram


Shingleur Photography - Lance and Kathryn have been our photographer BFFs since pretty much the very beginning. They've shot more of our weddings and styled shoots than probably any other photographers... Ali + Lee, Hatley  + Charles, Mandy + Matt, and Morgan + Tyler, just to name a few! Their photos are SO dreamy, with the most gorgeous, bright lighting. And their detail shots are basically our faves ever. Plus, they are from Russellville and they know all the best local spots for engagements and bridals. You'll find so much inspiration on their Facebook and Instagram


Kelly Glaze Photography - We've had the opportunity to work with Kelly twice now (on Hailey + William's wedding and Delaney + Cy's wedding), and we've become major fans of her beautiful work. Her photos are typically full of light colors and bright whites. She offers some of the best pricing we know of, as well. Check out more of her work on Facebook!

Benjamin Martin Photography - This guy is one of those super talented photographers who can basically shoot in any style. His work on weddings at The Barn has ranged from moody vibes (Avy + Tisha) to the most colorful, fun, light-hearted photos (Kristen + Brett). His photography packages include wedding day photography and an engagement session, and they start at $2,200... and yep, it's worth it! We love following his work on Facebook and Instagram.

Myranda Randle Photography - We fell in love with Myranda's work after Gabby + Chris's wedding! Her photos also include beautiful, natural lighting and they are seriously ethereal. Her couples always look comfortable and not at all posed or unnatural, which is HARD to accomplish. Not only are her photos stunning, but she also has great prices... her wedding photography packages start at $1,500, which is pretty insane for a photographer as talented as this lady! We love to keep up with her photography adventures on Facebook and Instagram

Tryston Hines Photography - Tryston is another photographer who we've worked with countless times (Monica + Ryan, Katie + Alan, Lindsey + Matt, and Breanna + Bryan, to name a few), and we absolutely love her work. She is super fun and easy to work with, and we love her natural style of photography. She captures so many REAL moments of every wedding, and her photos are always full of emotions. They don't look posed or stuffy or over-edited. She also captures every detail, and you know we love detail shots! Check her out on Facebook

B.Matthews Photo - Last, but certainly not least, we are CRAZY about BJ Matthews' gorgeous photos. His website says "Real Love. Real Moments. Real Life... Those little moments, the in-between details of your wedding day, those are my jam." And that pretty much explains his photography style in a nutshell. His photos are full of emotion and so many beautiful moments that many photographers wouldn't catch. They are often darker and moodier than other wedding photos, but we absolutely love his unique style. He shot Tara + Casey's, Holly + Caleb's, and Emaly + Thomas' weddings, and you can check out more of his work on Facebook and Instagram