Emily + Mark | March 29th, 2014

Have you ever met someone that you instantly know is good people?  Someone that with just a few interactions, left a lasting impression on you? 

Well.. That's how I feel about sweet Mrs. Emily Russell.  I have personally never met her darling hubby, but I can tell you this much... With just a few words exchanged with her, I not only know without a shadow of a doubt that their love, well it's the real thing, but I have also already decided that if Mark were to sing Emily a song.. It would be this one..

My baby knows me better that I do
Funny how a woman has that over a man
I can do anything with her here beside me
Leaning on her is where I make my stand
— Travis Tritt

Emily met Mark while working together at the FFA Judging Competitions during the Spring of 2012, and immediately she was smitten.  Dr. Mark Russell, the Equine Specialist for the U of A Extension Services, swept this fellow horse lover right off her feet without even knowing the moment he sauntered out of his pickup truck.  Little did they know, their paths would cross again... 

About 6 months later, Emily was set up on a blind date.  She was promised that he would be her "perfect cowboy", and you will never guess who that man turned out to be.  Okay I'll tell you... Mark!  Emily and her real life stallion hit it off immediately, and a budding friendship began.  It took her awhile, but in February of 2013 Emily mustered up the courage to ask the man of her dreams on their first official date.  After what she has dubbed "one of the best days of my life", their weekends quickly became consumed by riding horses, attending horse shows and working on Mark's house.  And then this happened... 

On November 1, 2013 he proposed by asking me if I wanted to brush horses with him for the rest of our lives. It was sweet and perfect! The easiest decision I’ve ever made.
— Emily Russell

These two hearts, sweet as sugar, are as consumed by their love for their families as they are for their horses.  That's why Emily incorporated so many special details into their Barn Wedding to make it truly about not only the two of them as a couple, but also all about the special people in their lives that made the day even possible.  From her mother's garter worn to keep to a strip of lace found in her father's childhood home, the house that Mark and Emily now share, fashioned into a garter to toss, Emily seriously thought of everything.  She also wore a necklace embracing her mother's birthstone, a sapphire, as her something blue.  The necklace was gifted to her mother by Emily's grandmother when she was 15 years old, and thus was a special sentiment to them all.  

Emily also wanted to make certain that their photographer, Melanie Russell, captured a picture of the two locking pinkies.. Emily jokes that both of them have crooked pinky fingers, and that's just another silly trait that links their big ol' hearts together.  

All Images Courtesy of  Melanie Russell of Russell Photography
All Images Courtesy of  Melanie Russell of Russell Photography
All Images Courtesy of  Melanie Russell of Russell Photography

This Barn Bride put her heart into every detail of their big day all the way down to their color pallet.  Emily, fun loving and full of laughter, chose Peach to represent her cheerful personality while Navy was the perfect compliment color representing Mark's strong, stable and dependable soul.  Navy also happens to be Emily's favorite color!  

Emily Russell 10.jpg
I think my favorite memory is how blissful and perfect it was. To walk down the aisle of my dream wedding, with my Dad, and Mark waiting for me; I know I’ve used this word a lot, but it was perfect! The outdoor setting, the flowers, the décor and the people.. I had my fairytale wedding. I love my Dad, and I’m so glad I got to share that walk with him, and he knows that I am very loved and extremely happy to be Mrs. Emily Russell.
This image kinda makes me giggle... Here Emily is, over the moon that she is marrying the man of her dreams. And here is Dad, giving him  the look .  That "You better treat my baby girl right" look.. We get it Dad, we totally get it.  

This image kinda makes me giggle... Here Emily is, over the moon that she is marrying the man of her dreams. And here is Dad, giving him the look.  That "You better treat my baby girl right" look.. We get it Dad, we totally get it.  

Emily's two favorite wedding details were their wedding cake and of course, her flowers.  She refers to them as "wonderful surprises".  She had an idea in mind, but of course The Barn Crew created a masterpiece far more amazing than Emily could have ever imagined.  

She had her heart set on organic arrangements for their florals, and she knew that she wanted something that had that wildflower meets forest look.  As usual, Ginger delivered.   With a mix of solemn succulents, wild thistles, soft baby’s breath and pretty cheery tulips, Emily's Wedding Day flowers stole her heart... Just like her groom.  

P.S.. Mark, that ring.. Ah-Mazing.  Seriously, pat yourself on the back guy because you deserve it.


When I asked Emily what her favorite part was about getting married at The Barn, she once again reaffirmed my belief in her and Mark as laid back and family oriented good people... It was the atmosphere that brought everyone together.  Eating the delicious food, dancing their booties off and playing horseshoes really brought these two families together for the first time while leaving every single soul excited about many more of these special times to come.  

Emily dotes that their wedding day was perfect... 

From the beautiful flowers to the wonderful decorations, everyone at The Barn did a fantastic job of really listening to what we had envisioned and creating our perfect day! The details and atmosphere were very much our style and taste; the whole design fit our personalities perfectly. The whole experience from start to finish was stress free and yet very exciting. I told everyone that it was kind of like a surprise party that was tailored exactly to our taste, and we didn’t even have to plan or clean up afterwards.
— Emily Russell

Emily and Mark, you make my heart melt.  I wish you nothing but the absolute best in life, love and marriage, and I hope you had an amazing time in Colorado.  The Barn Crew is blessed with the opportunity to be surrounded by love on a daily basis, and couples like you make it even more rewarding.

Until next time loves,



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