Put your party pants on.. It's Wedding Season!

Y'all.. Guess what today is?

Okay, I'm just gonna tell you.. Today is the first official day of The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch 2014 WEDDING SEASON!    


I know right.. How pumped are you because I know The Barn Girls are jumping out of their skin excited!  Our first official 2014 Wedding is this Saturday, so what better way to kick it off than a Barn Blog feature with our first 2014 Bride + Groom!

Kaleena + Spencer... 

Let me just start with this.. Spencer - if you ever have any doubts about how much this pretty girl loves you, you let me know.  I've got pages of notes from her speaking of nothing but her love for you in all your perfection.  Her words for you gave me goosebumps, and I can only imagine how you feel when you read one of her love letters.

Folks, grab a cup-a-joe and sit tight because this is such an awesome little love story to fight off your Monday woes.

His heart and love for the Lord, as well as his love for me, has completely overwhelmed my heart and rendered me hopelessly in love with him. Spencer is so much more than I have ever deserved or could have ever even asked for. I am such a blessed bride-to-be!
— Kaleena Stinehelfer
 All images courtesy of  J. Millwood Photography

All images courtesy of J. Millwood Photography

Meet Kaleena.. She is impractical, creative, a dreamer and very much a hopeless romantic.  It only makes sense that her groom, Spencer, is everything that she is not.  He is an organized, inventive, cake obsessed handyman, and in just 5 short days she will marry this man of her dreams.

Some call it fate, others destiny, perhaps kismet or even serendipity..  But in a quote that can only be concocted by the fullest of hearts, Kaleena refers to her chance meeting with her mister as if they were "intricately woven into one another's life by the Author of Romance".  


They were put in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing and everything else just fell into place.  Kaleena and Spencer both attended Arkansas Tech University, and somehow they made it through their college careers without crossing paths... Until the day of her graduation.  She distinctly remembers laying eyes on him in the crowd, but it wasn't until they both served as interns at Adullam and Youth Ministry Leaders that their faithful and devoted spirits set the love wheels in motion.  Attending a few ministry trips together, they had finally caught one another's attention.

Working as a summer waitress about to begin her first year of teaching, she had the pleasure of waiting on this handsome new man in her life.  Generous and sweet, he had her palms sweating and her heart about to beat right out of her chest.  As she agreed to be his movie date and her cheeks tired from smiling so much, she realized that this was the beginning of something beautiful... Something real. 

 All images courtesy of  J. Millwood Photography

All images courtesy of J. Millwood Photography

With a little sight seeing planned on the morning that Spencer would pop the question, Kaleena unknowingly woke with a little extra pep in her step.  After all, she was going to spend all day exploring their beautiful surroundings - just her and her beau.  Preparing to attend a "wedding shower" later, Kaleena was all fancied up.  So much so, that she got the look from Spencer. Girls, you know that look.. The "you're all mine and no one else's" look.  

Not to be confused with the "honey, when is the last time you shaved your legs?" look us married women get.. Two totally different scenarios.. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talkin' about.. 

Anywho.. After a more-romantic-than-usual breakfast at the Cracker Barrel spent holding hands and doing all those things that two people in love do, Kaleena and Spencer set off to site see.  Apparently these two were beaming with happiness because when they asked a passerby to take their picture amongst the beautiful maple trees, she asked if they were engaged.  Now, I haven't gotten Spencer's take on this, but I can only imagine his jaw dropping to the floor at this point, his palms getting sweaty and him standing there in complete fear that his secret was out. But it wasn't..   

Spencer told Kaleena that they were scrapping their wedding shower plans to finish out the day as any day should be.. Just the two of them.  Knowing that his girl was a tad directionally challenged, Spencer managed to convince her they were headed back home when he was actually driving to one of their favorite restaurants, Acadia.. The opposite direction of home.  Little did Kaleena know - Spencer had spent the entire week prior to this picking out the perfect pre-engagment dinner.  No ordering, no decisions.. Just the two of them enjoying each other's company.

And then Spencer disappears to the bathroom.. for 20 minutes.. in what one reading this story can only assume was his own personal pep-talk time - rehearsing his speech, drying his sweaty palms and preparing to drop to one knee.  Arriving just in time to keep Kaleena from sending in the troops after him, he paid the check and whisked his unsuspecting future bride to be out of the restaurant.  As they strolled down the street, he found the perfect little well lit area, swept up his girl and hugged her tight.. The kind of hug that makes you tingle.  Spencer pulled away, teary eyed and emotions running high, and began a well rehearsed pouring of love, admiration and thankfulness for all that Kaleena had given him.  

Then it happened.. He pulled out that little red velvet box filled with a white gold band adorned with a solitary diamond and 16 glimmering sapphires that he designed just for his girl.  His new wife to be is over the moon as he says those 4 little words.. 

Will you marry me?  

And it's there under that street lamp, surrounded by the on lookers from the balcony above, that she becomes his fiancΓ©e... The Future Mrs. Colling.  

Kaleena soon found out that the 20 minutes spent in the bathroom was actually Spencer making a phone call to her parents to get their blessing... Well played Spencer, well played.  That is just one of the many reasons that these two will be walking down the beautiful aisle at The Barn in just a few short days.

 All images courtesy of  J. Millwood Photography

All images courtesy of J. Millwood Photography

Both being lovers of natural beauty and the great outdoors, they opted for The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch to fulfill their need for something refreshing and romantic.  As luck would have it, The Barn also had the exact date available that would work with Kaleena's Spring Break... March 22nd, 2014!  

Because that's how we do it here at The Barn.. We make miracles happen.

Speaking of miracles, how many of you have ever tried on wedding dresses?  So you know how AMAZING it is that Kaleena found the dress online and then was able to buy it straight off the rack to fit her perfectly?  Seriously, that never happens.  With a short engagement, Low's Bridal in Brinkley really came through for this bride-to-be.  I can't reveal any details, but this dress is sure to knock that cute little groom right off his feet.

With the perfect dress, the perfect groom and the perfect Saturday lined up, this Barn Wedding is surely to be one for the record books.  Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty and simplicity of The Barn, Kaleena + Spencer's big day will be nothing short of jaw dropping.  Using their eye colors as the pallet for their wedding (hers are blue, his are green), they will tie in these natural hues with organic elements full of beauty and romance.  The Barn's landscape will serve as the perfect backdrop to the delicate floral and fabric swept ceremony location.  Kaleena and The Barn Girls will mix in a few vintage details, a little burlap and a whole lot of love to make this wedding truly Swoon-worthy.

Spencer often refers to Kaleena as his "lily", so of course he got his way when he requested that the lily be included in her bridal bouquet.  This little flower holds very special meaning to these lovebirds, and it will make its way into their wedding in more ways than one.  It was even included in their wedding invitations.. 

Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the maidens.
— Song of Solomon 2:2

Being a manly man with the ability to fix cars, tires and whatever else Kaleena might break, doesn't mean that Spencer doesn't also have a softer side.  Known often to bring Kaleena flowers, Spencer also tends to be the one to arrange them. It means a lot to her knowing that not only was it his thought that brought her the flowers, but also his heart that put them together so intricately just to see that smile on her face.  As what I'm sure will be a Barn first, Spencer will be there to take part in the creating of Kaleena's Bridal Bouquet on their Wedding Day.

Seriously, it doesn't get much sweeter than that.. 

The most important thing for Kaleena is the meaning of marriage.  It's the promises that they will make before one another, God and their closest friends and family.  They are writing their own vows promising that every single word spoken on that altar will come from the heart.  These will be words that no two people have uttered to one another before this day.. Their day.

The day that she becomes his wife.

 All images courtesy of  J. Millwood Photography

All images courtesy of J. Millwood Photography

One thing that all of The Barn Brides tend to agree on is the detail and precision that goes into creating each and every one of our weddings, and Kaleena definitely agrees!  Her favorite part of The Barn is how the planners and staff think of every single detail - even the ones that she herself had never even thought about!  She takes comfort in knowing that her dream day is in good hands.  As a bride planning for her wedding, not even a bout of winter weather could mask the beauty that is The Barn.  She walked the aisle, imagined the seats filled with their loved ones, the soft sound of the violin and "My Beloved" being sung gracefully, and then she pictured herself at the altar with her groom... That's when it hit her.  The butterflies, the excitement and that feeling that this is the place where she will say "I do" to the wonderful man that she has been blessed with.

 All images courtesy of  J. Millwood Photography

All images courtesy of J. Millwood Photography

There is nothing more rewarding than sharing your life with someone you love dearly, and at the end of the day, all this girl wants is her boy.  She wants to be Mrs. Spencer Colling from this day forward.. No stress, no rush.. Just soaking up every single moment.  This will be, after all, the first day of the rest of their lives... 

Kaleena + Spencer, Thank you so much for letting me tell just a little piece of your grand love story.  I wish you nothing but the best in life and in love.  Happy Wedding Week Sweets!

Let the wedding madness begin!!


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