Hey y'all! Have a few questions about The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch?  Well first, see if you can find your answer here.  If not, contact us via the contact page link at the top of this page.  

Stephanie Parsley Photography , from  Whitney + Jimmy 's wedding at The Barn

Where are you located?  Can I stop by to see The Barn?  

We are located right outside of Dardanelle, Arkansas, on over 35 acres of gorgeous land!  Due to our very busy schedule, we do not allow drop-in visits.  If you are interested in seeing The Barn, please contact us to set up a time!  

I am a bride interested in The Barn, and I have a wedding date chosen.  I'm just not sure if The Barn is my final choice, so can you hold my date until I decide?

Our dates are in very high demand, and for that very reason we do not hold dates.  They are given out on a first come, first serve basis.  If you think you want it, book it.  That's our best advice.  Many brides these days actually book their venue sight unseen, and our Barn Blogger promises to keep this thing stocked full of our weddings to help you make that decision easily!  


Andrea Clark Photography , from  Megan + Drew 's wedding at The Barn

Andrea Clark Photography, from Megan + Drew's wedding at The Barn

Do you have a website?  

Yes, we sure do!  We are also on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

What packages do you currently offer?  

Our all-inclusive wedding collections include: Elopements, Simply Sweet, Rustic Chic, Pearl Snaps and Diamond Horseshoe. However, since every wedding is different and our collections are customizable, we don't list our prices.  Please contact us for more info! 

How far in advance should I book The Barn for my wedding day? 

Right now we are already booking for 2017 (only a few dates left!) and 2018.  Our best advice... don't wait! If you think you want a date, go for it. :)



Stephanie Parsley Photography , from  Samantha + Danny 's wedding at The Barn


Do you allow Sunday weddings?

We currently only book Tuesday through Saturday, and we only host one event a day.  The Barn grounds will be all yours for your big day!  

I am a photographer who would like to do a full styled shoot at the Barn. What's your policy on that? 

We normally do two big styled shoots a year during our off season.  We don't charge photographers to use The Barn for these sessions, but we do ask that we be a part of it.  Every photograph taken at The Barn is a direct reflection of our brand, and we want to make sure that we are constantly staying true to our design ideas, themes and abilities.  

Is there a charge to use The Barn for regular portrait sessions?

We currently only allow Barn Couples to use The Barn for portrait sessions.