Lesleigh Smith

Owner and Creative Director

Lesleigh has been in the event planning business for over 15 years. She had very big dreams for The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch, and in just a few short years has transformed it into the premiere wedding venue that it is today.

She is a loving wife, an awesome momma and an event planner extraordinaire.  And she's cute to boot! 

Must-have road trip snacks: Beef jerky, Laffy Taffy, coffee and Jolt soda
Guilty pleasures: Watching my recorded Y&R episodes late at night and the Justin Bieber Acoustic Album. Oh, and I also LOVE 90210 reruns. Like, LOVE them. 
Hidden talent: I can say the alphabet backwards in less than 5 seconds.
Favorite wedding style: Anything that hasn't been done yet


Cindy Barringer

Senior Wedding Planner

Cindy has been at The Barn since the whirlwind first began and rightfully so!  She's an earlier riser, always chipper and you will never catch her without a smile.  

She is a wife, loving momma of a super cute little diva and a Buckeyes Fan!  (We try not to hold that last part against her!)

Must-have road trip snacks: Smartfood white cheddar popcorn, beef jerky and Vitamin Water
Guilty pleaures: Chick flicks, Italian food and cheese
Favorite color: Cranberry
Hidden talent: It's hidden for a reason!
Favorite wedding style: Classic black and ivory with a touch of glitz


Victoria Hudson

Senior Wedding Planner

Victoria started out as an intern at The Barn and has worked her way up to a full-blown wedding planner through her attention to detail, her warm and welcoming personality, and her ability to remain calm under pressure. She's cool as a cucumber, and she's also a newlywed!

Must-have road trip snacks: Indulgent trail mix, chocolate-covered almonds and beef jerky
Favorite color: I love ALL colors, but I think peachy pink is my fave!
Hidden talent: I danced growing up and was super killer at it. Ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical.
Favorite wedding style: I would have to say Southern. There is something just so beautiful in simple plush greenery and hydrangeas.


Ginger Johnson

Floral Designer

Ginger has been a florist for 14 years, and we were super lucky to have her abandon her old ship to become part of our little Barn family.  She has been with The Barn for three years now, and you can normally find her tucked away in the floral room creating the best floral masterpieces EVER!

Must-have road trip snacks: Beef jerky and Sugar Babies, Dr. Pepper or sweet tea
Guilty pleasures: Romance novels and Lifesaver wintergreen mints
Favorite color: Green
Hidden talent: I love to sing. I've always got music going. I get asked all the time, "How do you know the words to all the songs?" I have no idea. If the music is going, I know most of the words to whatever I'm listening to. If the music is off, I couldn't tell you what the words are.
Favorite wedding theme/style: I don't know that I have one  particular favorite style. From shabby chic to over the top glamorous, we've never had a wedding that I didn't like.


Milissia Jones-Gray

Facilities Manager

As the resident "house mother" of this crazy Barn Sorority, Milissia keeps us in line!  Since she is the mother of two, a walking hodgepodge of knowledge and has a background in catering, she is definitely our go-to "get stuff done" girl!  

Milissia is usually caught behind the scenes, but she is very much a part of the big day!  Especially if it involves power tools. She's pretty much the master of all things power tool related!

Must-have road trip snacks: Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Michelob Ultra
Guilty pleasures: Sons of Anarchy
Favorite color: Turquoise, red, black and leather brown
Hidden talent: She can wiggle her ears!
Favorite wedding style: Rustic with a touch of glamour


Kelsea Mahoney

Junior Wedding Planner

Must-have road trip snacks: Gardetto's, Chex Mix Muddy Buddies, actually pretty much any Chex Mix. And a Smart Water.
Guilty pleasures: Say Yes to the Dress (I used to think it was gross, because of all the drama, but it roped me in...) and food.
Favorite color: GREEN! I like orange and purple, too. Green is #1.
Hidden talentI'm pretty good at drinkin' beer... can I say that? I can bake and cook pretty well, too.
Favorite wedding style: If I could choose a style for myself, I'd definitely go with the Wild West Gypsy style from the photo shoot we did. The colors are seriously perfect and everything I've wanted that I couldn't conjure up myself. I like rustic chic, too. Simple, cozy and beautiful. 


Kelsi Flinn

Blogger & Social Media Maven

Kelsi married her handsome husband Richard at The Barn on October 12, 2013. In September 2015, she became a mama to sweet Jude Henry! She loves adventures and being in the mountains. She majored in journalism at the University of Arkansas, and she's super interested in online journalism and blogging. She's absolutely thrilled to be a part of The Barn team!

Must-have road trip snacks: Kettle-cooked jalapeno chips and an iced coffee
Guilty pleasures: Netflix (currently Once Upon A Time, Mad Men and New Girl) and too much coffee
Favorite color: GLITTER and seafoam
Hidden talent: Knowing all the words to every song on the radio and cooking
Favorite wedding style: Whimsical, a little bit glamorous (but not too fancy!), in a rustic venue (The Barn, obviously)


# (Pronounced Hashtag)

Barn Feline

# has been with The Barn for a couple of years.  You can usually find her napping in the storage room.